Gillian Anderson’s accent has become a huge topic of conversation of late.

The actor is best known for starring in hit series like Sex Education, The Fall and The X Files – and, depending what you’ve seen her in, you’ll either think she’s British or American as she so easily slips into either accent.

But it turns out she’s kind of both.

Born in Chicago, US, in 1968, she moved to London, UK, in 2002 and has since split her time between both countries.

With her having resided in the UK for over two decades, Anderson has picked up a British accent – but she still has her American one too, depending on who she’s talking to.

Previously explaining why she dips in and out of both accents, the 55-year-old explained to Scott Lawrence in an interview available on his YouTube channel: “It goes back and forth because I grew up in both places, so it depends who I’m talking to.”

The Crown star continued: “Sometimes it’s conscious because I know someone will be thrown by it so I’ll consciously do it, but the majority of time… if I’m at a dinner party and I’m sat between one of each on either side I literally can’t help it.”

Actor Gillian Anderson was born in Chicago. (Samir Hussein/WireImage)

Actor Gillian Anderson was born in Chicago. (Samir Hussein/WireImage)

This has been noticed by some fans in recent weeks as Anderson has been doing press interviews for her new Netflix drama, Scoop.

The film is about Prince Andrew’s infamous Newsnight interview in 2019, with Anderson starring as the journalist who conducted the talk, Emily Maitlis.

She’s been doing interviews with both British and American media outlets in the run to up to Scoop‘s release on April 5, and her ranging accent has left some fans floored.

Anderson plays Emily Maitlis in Scoop. (Netflix)

Anderson plays Emily Maitlis in Scoop. (Netflix)

“The way Gillian Anderson’s accent just changes depending on where she is she’s insane,” one person penned on X in recent days.

“Gillian Anderson is such an enigma I no longer confidently know which is her real accent,” said another.

“Gillian Anderson’s code switching is cool lol when she’s amongst Brits she speaks with a British accent,” continued a third. “When she’s amongst American’s she speaks with an American accent.”

Someone else quipped noting the star’s interchangeable accent: “I can’t explain it but every time I hear Gillian Anderson’s real accent I feel cheated on.”

Film fans have been discussing Anderson's accent online. (X)

Film fans have been discussing Anderson’s accent online. (X)

Another actor who is known for doing this is Millie Bobby Brown.

Brown was born to British parents, but moved to Florida at the age of eight.

She’s since starred in a host of TV shows and films doing both American and British accents.

With this in mind, Brown often switches between accents – something which she’s been called out for by fans.

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