What a creative mind!

One evening, 14-year-old Julie Worley from Great Britain decided that her room needed instant changes and started tearing off the wallpaper. Her parents were stunned to see this picture. Their worries turned out to be in vain, because, instead, the daughter created an original design.

It only took Julie a few cans of paint, a spatula and masking tape. With the help of these, the girl “conjured” over the cleaned wall for two days and filmed everything on camera.

In the end, geometric shapes of different sizes and colors appeared on the wall. She also glued them with masking tape to make the edges look neat and even.

Julie posted a photo of her own design on DIY On a Budget Official. She got a lot of positive reviews.

The girl’s mom was so astonished with the result of transforming the room, that she also shared her impressions and the results on her Facebook page.

One of the followers praised Julie, another one even expressed willingness to hire the young designer to create a  design in their house. Someone was sincerely jealous of the girl, and her parents reacted so calmly to all the review.

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