Gerry Turner, 74, and Theresa Nist, 70, stars of the reality TV show The Golden Bachelor, have announced they are ending their marriage. The pair shared this news during an interview with Juju Chang on Good Morning America.

Gerry Turner explained, “Theresa and I have had a number of heart-to-heart conversations, and we’ve looked closely at our situation, our living situation, so forth and — and we’ve kind of come to the conclusion mutually that it’s probably time for us to — dissolve our marriage.”


The couple captured hearts when Turner proposed to Nist in the show’s first season finale. They married early this year in a grand ceremony but faced challenges in merging their lives due to commitments to their respective families in Indiana and New Jersey.

Despite exploring various options, including relocating to South Carolina or New Jersey, they could not find a solution that worked for both. “The thing that strikes me the most in our conversations, it’s been how dedicated both of us our to our families. So we look at these conversations and we both think it’s best for the happiness of each of us to live apart.” Turner remarked.


Both expressed continued love for each other despite the decision to part ways. “I still love this person. There’s no doubt in my mind, I still am in love with her. I root for her every day,” Turner said, with Nist adding, “I still love him.”

Their story has given hope to many viewers, and they hope their decision won’t discourage others.

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