Navigating a relationship with your in-laws can be a difficult task, but this bride really had it hard.

This bride was deemed a gold digger by her in-laws in light of the fact she was from a low income family and marrying into a wealthy one.

She wed her husband earlier this month, but their nuptials were far from smooth running.

The groom’s family are said to have harassed the bride for the duration of her relationship to her wealthy Mexican partner, even attempting to bribe her out of the partnership.

Elsewhere, when they announced their engagement, the guy’s mother apparently faked a heart attack and blamed her ill health on the couple.

She also demanded her son payed all her medical bills.

While groom’s mother, brother and sister refused to attend the wedding – his mom still managed to wreak havoc on their special day.

It’s reported that the unnamed woman hired someone to throw red paint on the bride’s wedding dress, with the ordeal taking place just outside the church they were marrying in.

The bride's dress was ruined. Credits: X/@fulanodeobregon
The bride’s dress was ruined. Credits: X/@fulanodeobregon

The situation has been widely discussed online of late, with someone taking to Reddit to share more information about the situation.

Admitting that they didn’t know the bride personally, apparently she’s from the same area as the Redditor’s mom.

They explained that the bride has been ‘hated’ by her in-laws from the start.

“They threatened her repeatedly, made multiple SM accounts to harass her, and when confronted by the husband, they denied everything,” the poster further claimed.

“BIL offered her a blank check to leave her husband and the family for good (boyfriend at the time).”

They continued: “Now, as I said I don’t know her, but what I have heard is that she is a lovely person and wouldn’t hurt anyone. All of this hate comes purely from her socioeconomic status.

“Apparently husband’s family wanted him to marry someone rich. She was so graceful throughout the entire ordeal.”

While their wedding day started off badly, apparently the rest of the day ‘went on without issues’, and the bride changed into another dress she already owned.

There was red paint all over the church steps. Credits: X/@fulanodeobregon
There was red paint all over the church steps. Credits: X/@fulanodeobregon

However, the family’s meddling didn’t stop after their wedding day.

“After the wedding and before the honeymoon, the groom’s family stole his passport and visa. They also tried to bribe the travel agency to ruin the trip,” said the Redditor.

“Fortunately they didn’t work and bride and groom went on their honeymoon successfully.”

I’m bet they needed a margarita (or six) on their trip to decompress from all the stress.

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