A young man going by the name of “Maison Vallance” was happy to help out when his mother asked for it. She hoped he would find the red shirt she had given him.

The twenty-two-year-old man from Tennessee searched his room for the clothes that had been handed to him. When he found out, he decided to give the assignment to his girlfriend, Meghan.

The picture, which appeared innocuous, showed Maison’s mother Meghan sitting on the bed with the shirt folded across her lap.

He also uploaded the picture on his Twitter account. He said that Meghan was simply “too pretty not to post it.”

Cute, huh?

Things started to get a little… scandalous at that point.

Maison’s friend noticed a subtle yet telling detail in the backdrop of the Twitter snapshot. But when Maison found out what she was talking about, it was too late.

Scroll down to see what he accidentally left out of the photo.

Maison Vallance was born in Tennessee and is 22 years old. He was more than happy to oblige his mother when she asked him to find the red clothes she had given him.

Facebook / Maison Vallance
Facebook / Maison Vallance

He urged his girlfriend Meghan to snap a photo of him wearing the shirt as soon as she saw it.

Then he emailed this photo to his mother.

Maison tweeted the photo because he felt it was so awesome.

Facebook / Maison Vallance

“I snapped this photo to inform my mother that I’ve located the shirt she bought for me, but Meghan is too gorgeous not to share it,” he stated.

Everything was OK until one of Maison’s friends noticed something in the “innocent” photo.

Look into this more thoroughly.

Behind Meghan’s head, long red ropes are draped across the headboard.

But by the time Maison realized he had left in the damning detail, it was too late.

He was frightened that his mother would see it!

When the photo went viral, Maison composed herself and managed to make light of the embarrassing circumstance.

Still, he hasn’t revealed what the improvised rope device’s actual purpose is.

It makes sense that it could be used for things like what they do in 50 Shades of Grey.

Thankfully, Maison’s family seems to find the widely circulated photo amusing.

Thankfully, Meghan’s mother avoids social media.

Hey, nothing wrong with a young couple in love!

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