Hospice nurse Julie McFadden says that the body naturally prepares you for death

Hospice nurse says there are 12 signs to look for that suggest someone is near death

Death is something that a lot of people fear, whether it’s because of the unknown element or believing it’ll cause pain.

But a hospice nurse has come out to alleviate those worries by providing a list of 12 things to expect when death is knocking at the door.

Julie McFadden, 41, is a registered nurse in LA who specialises in end-of-life care.

She has been posting her views on YouTube for years and sharing her experience with her patients to help people to understand more about the process of death.

From her six phenomena people experience on their deathbeds to what they’ll see, she is always giving her viewers the insider knowledge to help them grieve or to stop being scared of the inevitable.

Regarding the pain element of dying, the nurse once stated in a video: “Biologically, our body is built to live, built to survive first and built to help us die.

Julie helps people to understand death. YouTube/ @hospicenursejulie

Julie helps people to understand death. YouTube/ @hospicenursejulie

“I saw that firsthand – and I still see that firsthand – as a hospice nurse.”

According to the nurse, death is something that is a natural process which the body is prepared for.

So, these signs are a dead giveaway that your body is ramping up to the end of its capacity.

One person in her comments believed that she was spot on with her list and shared her own harrowing experience: “My Mum died today, everything you said, Nurse Julie, was correct! She was 95 and in the final stages of Alzheimer’s.

“THANK YOU JULIE for helping me to recognise that her death was near. It was still a shock and I miss her already….”

Another said: “I was with both my parents when they died and they had all these signs. It was sad but we were happy they went to a better place where they weren’t sick or old..”

When you’re close to death, you might experience these 12 things:

Here are 11 signs and symptoms you will likely see:

1. A decrease in food and water intake

2. A decrease in functional ability

3. An increase in sleep

4. Dulled pain

5. Intermittent confusion or disorientation

6. Talking about or seeing dead relatives

7. Changes in breathing

8. Changes in skin colour

9. Fever

10. Glassy or teary eyes

11. Reaching for things or staring off into the distance

12. Agitation

“All of these things are normal in death and dying,” Julie said.

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