The first episodes of Charmed were released in 1998. And the story of 3 sister witches who fought evil won the hearts of millions of teenagers around the world. The series was so popular that it ran for 8 seasons, and more than 1,500 actors appeared in it.

Today, 23 years after the release of season 1, Bright Side wants to remember our favorite characters.

Prue Halliwell — Shannen Doherty

After Charmed ended, Shannen Doherty produced different TV shows, starred in a sitcom, and appeared in several reality shows. And in 2015, together with her Charmed colleague, Holly Marie Combs, they did a 6-episode reality show where they traveled around the southeast end of the US and talked about the states they visited. In 2017, the actress beat cancer, but, unfortunately, the disease returned and Shannen is fighting it again.

Phoebe Halliwell — Alyssa Milano

Alyssa Milano appeared in several movies and series. And right now, the Netflix film, Deadly Desires, is in production, in which she plays the lead character. Additionally, she’s been actively doing commercials and has appeared on various covers of magazines, like CosmopolitanMaxim, and Woman’s World.

Paige Matthews — Rose McGowan

Rose McGowan appeared in some movies after Charmed, but she mostly worked on TV shows. She often appeared in music videos, but that’s not her only connection with music — in 2018, she released her debut album, Planet 9.

Piper Halliwell — Holly Marie Combs

Aside from Charmed, Holly Marie Combs appeared in a different popular series, Pretty Little Liars, and had several minor roles in movies. Not a long time ago, in 2019, Combs married a restaurateur, Mike Ryan. This is her third marriage.

Also, after the end of Charmed, web portal AOL named Combs the Third Greatest Witch in the history of television. And it’s hard to argue with that, as she’s barely changed in 23 years. This has to be some kind of witchcraft.

Wyatt Halliwell — Wes Remsey

In 2003, Wes Remsey was in the series, Luis, but it was unsuccessful and eventually canceled. He had some small roles in The MentalistPretty Little Liars, and Grey’s Anatomy.

Christopher Halliwell — Drew Fuller

Drew Fuller’s biggest role was Second Lieutenant Trevor LeBlanc in the TV series, Army Wives. He also appeared in an independent film, The Kane Files: Life of Trial. For this role, he got a nomination for Best Actor at The San Diego Film Festival.

Cole Turner — Julian McMahon

The role of the villain, Cole, made Julian McMahon really successful. After that, he was in 2 Fantastic Four films as Doctor Doom, in Premonition with Sandra Bullock, and in RED with Bruce Willis. Since 2020, McMahon has played the main character on the spin-off series, FBI.

Darryl Morris — Dorian Gregory

Dorian Gregory, who played the role of the police officer, is actively involved in educational activities these days, where he talks about diabetes type 1 and raises money to develop the treatment for it. Gregory has had this condition since the age of 9. And together with his sister, Mercedes, they play in a band.

Andy Trudeau — Ted King

After Charmed, Ted was in various TV series, like Sex and the CityPrison Break, and Elementary. And in 2021, he’s become part of The Bold and the Beautiful. He’s been married since 2008, and with his wife Maya, he is raising 2 kids.

Penelope Halliwell — Jennifer Rhodes

Unlike most actors from Charmed, Jennifer Rhodes was already famous for her work in movies and series. After the series ended, she continued to work and appeared on an episode of The Mentalist, and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. She’s divorced and has no children.

Patty Halliwell — Finola Hughes

Since 1985, Finola Hughes has appeared regularly on General Hospital, a big soap opera about the work of doctors in a small hospital in Port Charles. And in 2013, she debuted as a director with the movie, The Bet. She has also directed Byrd and the Bees. Together with Russell Young, she’s raising 3 children, 2 of which are adopted.

Billie Jenkins — Kaley Cuoco

Kaley is mostly famous thanks to The Big Bang Theory, where she portrayed one of the main characters. The show was on from 2007 to 2019. For the role of Penny, she earned several awards. In 2017, she founded a production center. She has dozens of projects and awards.

Zankou — Oded Fehr

In the past 23 years, Oded Fehr has been on many TV series, like How to Get Away with Murder. He also did voiceover work for Justice League. Fehr has been married since 2000. He and his wife, Ronda, are raising 3 children.

Mr. Sunshine — Ron Perlman

Since 2001, after Ron Perlman was on Charmed, he continued acting and starred in 2 screen adaptations of Hellboy; TV series, like Sons of Anarchy; and movies, like Pacific Rim. He also did voiceover work for FalloutHalo (both 2 and 3), TangledThe Book of Life, and Adventure Time.

Jason Dean — Eric Dane

When he appeared on the second season of Grey’s Anatomy, viewers liked Eric Dane so much that he continued to be a regular on the show until 2012. And since 2019, he’s been on the series, Euphoria, with the young star, Zendaya. You might have seen him in Marley & MeValentine’s Day, and X-Men: The Last Stand.

Leo Wyatt — Brian Krause

After Charmed, Brian Krause was in several films and series, like, for example, the hit show, Mad Men. And in March 2021, the first season of Cypher started, and Krause plays one of the lead characters.

Did you watch the Charmed series? Which of the sisters did you like the most? Or maybe you were a fan of the darker characters?

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