Even though earwigs are generally safe, I still don’t want to come across them in or near my house. I’m noticing a lot more earwigs in the garden than I ever have, so it appears like they’ve been more prevalent this year. This easy-to-use yet efficient tip can be useful if you’ve noticed that earwigs appear to be hanging about your home or outdoor areas.

Facebook user Alicia Alexander said that she used half a cup of olive oil in a shallow dish to get rid of a large number of earwigs in her backyard. Then just set the dish outside on your terrace or in your garden. This is the number of earwigs that remained in the bowl after less than a day:

And this is the number of earwigs they got after 36 hours!

It sounds quite crazy, doesn’t it? The earwigs are drawn to the olive oil for some reason, climb into the bowl, and then become stuck there.

Even though earwig populations appear to be increasing generally, their presence within or near your home may be a sign of decaying wood issues. Because decaying wood attracts a lot of pests, including earwigs, it’s a good idea to inspect your home’s structure and any wood porches, decks, etc.

This small yet effective approach might assist if you’re tired of earwigs wrecking the fun. Regards for

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