A woman’s world is flipped upside down after 13 years of marriage when her husband suddenly demands to be separated from her and makes plans for a drastic cross-country move, all while hiding a secret that could change everything. She finds a secret relationship with an old friend, but what comes next puts her at a shocking crossroads.

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An enigmatic female poster on February 3, 2024, offered a gripping account of how her 13-year marriage took an unexpected turn. Her spouse, who had appeared happy at first, then became irritated with his work and announced that he was going to apply for a job across the nation.

This news was shortly followed by an unanticipated and blunt recommendation. The Original Poster (OP) stated, “He went on a tirade about how terrible I am and out of nowhere suggested a separation.” She thought this reaction was excessive and baseless, even though they had a history of ups and downs.

In the weeks that followed, OP learned of her husband’s intensive correspondence with a former acquaintance who had just gone through a divorce, who had played a crucial role in assisting him in landing this possible job. Their communication was so intense that they exchanged more than 500 SMS a day, or around 24,000 texts in a single month.

Online comments to OP’s account were overwhelmingly negative, with many labeling her as “NTA” for her choices and behavior in the face of her husband’s treachery and schemes.

Suspicious woman watching her husband read a message on his phone | Source: Shutterstock

suspicious woman observing her husband using his phone to read a message | Source: Shutterstock

The husband had a very clear plan: he intended to move the whole family—OP, his mother, and their two elementary-aged children—to a new location. OP considered all of her previous sacrifices, including moving for his graduate program and current employment, before making this decision. “Moving away from the kids’ school and friends, as well as my work and friends, is unconscionable,” she said, expressing her dismay.

When her husband made the trek to the prospective work site for what was meant to be a one-day interview that ended up lasting four days, the situation became more heated. OP discovered information at this time that seemed to indicate he intended to have a sexual relationship.

When questioned upon his return, he defended his admission that he had been “unhappy for 15 years.” After learning of this, OP began to wonder whether it was her fault that she had thought about getting a divorce and asking for their children’s physical custody so they could stay in the state.

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Citing his own experience of growing up without a father figure, her spouse stressed that it was crucial for the kids to have their father there and said that she was necessary for the kids’ benefit.

Online comments to OP’s account were overwhelmingly negative, with many labeling her as “NTA” for her choices and behavior in the face of her husband’s treachery and schemes. Her internet network came together to support her and provide analysis of the circumstances.

He’s angry because he lost his edge when you realized what was going on and hired a lawyer, said one commentator. It seems as though he intended to relocate you all and then anchor those children to his new site. So you were stranded with the children. Fantastic work! You are unquestionably NTA!

In the meantime, another person said, “Nta. Because he is having an affair and doesn’t want to make trouble for anyone, he doesn’t get to completely ruin everyone’s lives.

“NTA-no way would I move just for him to divorce you when you move,” a third voice said. Without a doubt, get a divorce immediately before he quits his work.

How do you feel about this narrative? Is it appropriate for OP’s spouse to want a separation from his wife while also pressuring her to relocate across the nation for him? If you were in OP’s shoes, how would you respond to the circumstances? Would you support the husband’s choice or disagree with him?

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