Getting cold feet before a wedding is not uncommon or even a particularly new phenomenon, a fear of losing freedom, of going through with the ceremony. But there are times when you should trust your instincts and look at the facts since love can blind us to the worst in people.

One man bared his heart with the internet when he discovered that his wife-to-be was perhaps not being entirely honest. He took the questionable action of checking her phone to try and understand what was happening. What followed was a series of twists and turns, family drama, and detective work worthy of its own television show.

Often, we might overlook someone’s flaws when we are planning a life together

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A man discovered that his fiancée was being deceitful and it made him question their upcoming wedding

“I Find It Repulsive”: Guy Cancels Wedding After Uncovering Fiancée And Her Sister’s Secret

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OP started to hatch a plan of action

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He also decided to put his best detective skills to work to help Marty

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