“I haven’t left the house for 20 years”: A makeup artist transformed a special girl beyond recognition. “You should have seen how her behavior and self-esteem changed after the transformation” 

the makeup artist wrote under this video

Celebrity makeup artist Gohar Avetisyan is truly a master of her craft. Recently, Gohar showed fans a transformation that did not leave them indifferent. Avetisyan introduced her subscribers to a girl who has not left her house for almost 20 years.


Zalina sits within four walls, not wanting to show herself in public again. Avetisyan transformed her new acquaintance beyond recognition, promising the girl: “I will help you conquer this world and find your calling.”

“Very beautiful”, “Beautiful not only in appearance, but also in soul”, “Gohar, you bring so much joy to people. You’re the best”,

“The girl is just a miracle,” “Gohar, good health to you,” “Give people happiness,” Avetisyan’s fans write in the comments.


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