A woman discovered her parents weren’t content with their living situation after she consented to have them move in with her. Then she forced them to decide between a nursing facility and staying with her.

A Reddit user revealed that she was a widow living alone in her home since her children had all left. Despite having five bedrooms in her house, she only used two of them for sleeping because she had turned the other rooms into hobby rooms and offices.

But she also knew that when her kids came to visit, she would need a place for them to stay, so she turned her garage into a fully functional guest home complete with a separate door.

She informed her kids that they would have to stay in the guest house during their holiday visits to her house. Her kids enthusiastically consented, but as soon as her parents requested assistance, the original plans were altered.

How did the woman’s parents end up?

Her parents asked if they might move in with her, even though she had built the guest house with her kids in mind. She even told her kids that they could stay with her.

She explained that she informed her kids that their grandparents were moving into the guest house and that if they wanted to stay over, they would need to stay in the house. The kids concurred.

The woman’s children came to help move their grandparents into the garage on the day of their parents’ move. Her kids made arrangements for one family to check into a hotel in order to keep things under control.

Her parents, however, were perplexed when the family began relocating their possessions into the garage. That’s where her folks would be residing, the woman clarified. Says she:

“They believed that because I have five bedrooms, they could move into my house.”

The woman stated that she had turned the other bedrooms into offices and hobbies areas, so she was down to only two bedrooms. Her pets occupied the majority of her spare bedroom.

What Did the Parents of the Woman Say?

The woman’s parents were upset when she revealed that she hadn’t anticipated them wanting to live in the house and had instead thought they would use the garage area, which included a kitchen and bathroom of its own.

In addition, the woman’s parents were unhappy and disappointed even though the guest house provided everything they could need for a happy existence. She regretted:

“They expressed their desire to reside in the house instead of living outside in the garage like Fonzie.”

The woman informed her parents that living in the garage was their only option. Then she made it clear that they could transfer into a nursing home somewhere else or into the room she had prepared for them.

The woman was astounded to learn that her parents were dissatisfied about not having to pay rent and living in a private garage that complied with regulations. Soon after, she received condolences from other Reddit members.

A commenter said that the woman sounded like a spoilt child and that if she let her parents to live with her, they would become the owners of the house and she would never be able to remove them.

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