Zack called it “the worst day in [his] life.”💔 After two months on life support, his wife’s doctor suggested Zack switch off the machines.🥺
He wanted her husband to let Autumn pass away peacefully.
But Zack prayed for her “every second” of the day, trusting God for a miracle. Despite a zero percent chance of survival, they had faith.🙏
The loving husband pleaded with the doctors to bring Autumn out of sedation so she could see and hold baby Huxley.
He knew it could be the first and last time she did this. They agreed and granted the mother an unforgettable moment with her precious child.
That moment changed the trajectory of Autumn’s life.
Zack’s faith and prayers finally hit a breakthrough for the ill woman and gave the small family a chance for happiness.❤️ God is great! 🙏

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