Everyone is left dumbfounded as Kidman decides not to dye her hair! 🧐😯 In a rare appearance, the actress sports entirely gray hair! 🤐🤯Check out the risqué video in this story! All caps.

Her bold decision to stop dyeing her hair and embrace natural ageing has highly been praised by the majority. To say that she left everyone speechless with her radical transformation is nothing to say. This resulted in mixed reactions.

Most network users couldn’t stay indifferent and not to comment on the outstanding actress’s radical makeover. Some started to praise her claiming that her decision definitely took courage, while the others strongly disliked her new look.

Some of the comments included: «What on earth made this beautiful woman decide to look so different?»; «I can already picture her looking like a grandma!»; and «How courageous of you!».

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