I took the risk and transformed my small, miserable kitchen! 💪😮 No one believed I could do it, but I revealed the end result, and everyone’s jaws dropped! 🧐🤯 You can see the fantastic transformation of my kitchen in this article! 👇

Today’s story is about my small, miserable kitchen that I transformed beyond recognition, exceeding all expectations. Since I didn’t have much money or resources to radically change everything, the space was only minimally altered but given a fresher look.



As you can see, the upper cabinets were crooked, but in the new version, I decided to remove them. There was a small issue – there weren’t enough tiles for the top row. However, the tiles were behind the refrigerator and not visible.

My patient father agreed to my crazy idea of carefully knocking off and shifting the tiles behind the fridge. We ended up knocking off more tiles than necessary. Admittedly, a tie was damaged due to my mishap when I dipped it in water to remove the remnants of liquid nails.



By the way, we first filled the walls with a regular filler and then with a fine filler. Later, I simply painted the walls white. I painted the faucet with black high-gloss spray paint from KUDO. I’ve tried many different brands for renovations.

Ultimately, KUDO became my absolute favorite. It’s worth mentioning that only I am so calm about these little things. Uneven walls don’t bother me in the slightest. I believe the most important thing is that there’s a soul in this house.

We simply ordered the kitchen set from a local furniture factory.



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