The 2024 Oscars unfolded last night, with celebrities gracing the red carpet in their finest attire, as customary for one of Hollywood’s grandest evenings.

However, eagle-eyed observers noted a peculiar detail shared among many celebrities. Read on to uncover more.

At the 2024 Oscars, notable figures like singer Billie Eilish, her brother and producer Finneas, actors Mark Ruffalo, Ava DuVernay, Ramy Youssef, and Quannah Chasinghorse were all spotted sporting a pin on their outfits, sparking curiosity among onlookers.

Additionally, actor Mahershala Ali, though absent from the red carpet, was seen wearing the same pin while on stage introducing the nominees for Best Supporting Actor.

Given that these celebrities haven’t collaborated on any project together, speculation arose regarding the significance of the pin. Described as a circular red pin featuring a small black heart enclosed by the outline of a hand, it prompted inquiries about its meaning.

Many were left pondering the symbolism behind the pin. It was revealed that the artists adorned these pins in support of the plea for a ceasefire in Israel’s conflict with Gaza. With casualties in Gaza surpassing 30,000 since the onset of Israel’s offensive, and a substantial number of victims being children, the urgent call for peace in the region has intensified.

Amidst the ongoing violence, voices advocating for a ceasefire have grown louder. Over 400 celebrities, as part of the Artists4Ceasefire initiative, penned a letter in late October urging President Joe Biden and the US Congress to push for an immediate cessation of hostilities between Gaza and Israel.

Distinct from past movements like the Time’s Up campaign prominently showcased at the 2018 Oscars, the pins symbolizing the ceasefire call were sported by only a select few at the 2024 Oscars. Similarly, at the Grammy Awards earlier this year, the pins were notably worn by Boygenius and Annie Lennox, the latter making a plea for ceasefire during her performance.

Adding to the chorus of support were actors Milo Machado-Graner and Swann Arlaud, seen donning Palestinian flag pins on the red carpet for their film Anatomy of a Fall.

Ramy Youssef, known for his roles in ‘Poor Things’ alongside Emma Stone and Mark Ruffalo, expressed frustration over the lack of momentum in the ceasefire efforts.

“There’s no other route,” Youssef emphasized in an interview, highlighting the urgent need for action. “It’s taking so long… That’s what we’re all encouraging everyone to be vocal about.”

Among the signatories of the Artists4Ceasefire letter were luminaries such as Cate Blanchett, Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez, Bradley Cooper, and America Ferrera, reaffirming the collective resolve to advocate for peace.

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