Tattoos can represent dedication, self-expression, or even both. But getting a face tattoo, well, that takes a little more confidence. When someone else’s name is involved, the commitment is considerably more important! The name of Ana Stanskovsky’s lover is now permanently tattooed on her forehead. Ana is a TikTok video creator. More than 500,000 people follow her on the social networking network. Many of her fans do not fully agree with the “act of love.”

Ana, a Polish native, views the facial tattoo as a lifelong love letter. It’s a gesture of love, she insists. She even went so far as to say that no one has ever experienced true love if they are unable to demonstrate this kind of dedication. In response, others have said that Ana’s future spouse won’t like the face tattoo and that it is foolish. Ana, of course, is completely at odds with them.

Image Credits: TikTok

The Love-Inspired Face Tattoo

Stanskovsky is seen perched on a chair in a recently uploaded video. In the meantime, a tattoo artist works on her forehead. November 6th was the original upload date for the video “My New Face Tattoo.” At some point, Ana displays her boyfriend Kevin’s name in black ink tattooed on her forehead in large, cursive letters. After a while, the camera pans in to show viewers the artist in action as Ana cries in agony and the “Kevin” stencil is shown. She says, “I love it,” as she rises up and looks in the mirror after the facial tattoo is finished. Finally, she asks the audience if they believe her partner will adore it.

Image Credits: TikTok

Regretfully, Ana and the online community agreed. Comments were pouring in, mostly negative. One said, “He will adore it! But your next boyfriend won’t like it. Instead of worrying about Ana, someone else expressed concern over Kevin and said, “I don’t know who Kevin is, but wherever you are—run!” However, some remarks addressed the criticism more directly and seriously, emphasizing how unfortunate it may sometimes be: “Excellent choice made here. How could you ever regret this, in my opinion?

But Stanskovsky did not accept the criticism lightly. In a follow-up video, she clarified that she had heard from everyone that a breakup can make her regret it. But to her, this is merely a way to show someone how much she loves them. She adores it and is positive that its beauty will make her never regret getting it. Then, admirers said that a handwritten note on paper would be equally lovely. Some people found it hard to accept that it wasn’t a practical joke.

Image Credits: TikTok

Ana Remains Firm in Her Expression Choice

In a another video, Ana says that she gets romantically involved with herself every time she looks in the mirror. She claims to be in love—both with her partner and the tattoo. “I think if you really love someone, you just have to show it you know, you just have to prove it,” she says. I believe that your girlfriend doesn’t love you, thus you should find yourself a new girlfriend if she doesn’t want to get your name tattooed on her face.

This shocked her audience because it was Ana’s most straightforward argument to date. Comments sprung up right away, urging her to reconsider what constitutes a true act of love. Some expressed concern once more for Kevin’s partner, Ana. Ana is aware that partnerships are never certain, though. Stanskovsky gave a straightforward response when questioned about it: “What if we break up? All I have to do is locate another Kevin for myself.

To be honest, as long as it doesn’t cause harm to others, everyone has the freedom and right to show their love for one another. Ana certainly has the right to enjoy her face tattoo because it doesn’t harm anyone who sees her. However, some of the expressions could be a little excessive. How do you feel? Tell us in the comments below!

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