We’ve all made mistakes and done things we wish we hadn’t. But Ethan ‘ModBoy’ Bramble from Australia might have a bigger regret than most. He covered his whole body with over 200 tattoos.

Lots of people get tattoos to express themselves, but Ethan took it to the extreme. He started when he was just 11 years old by stretching his ears. Since then, he’s had many procedures, like splitting his tongue and removing his belly button.

But it’s his tattoos that get the most attention. He’s covered from head to toe and spent around $60,000 AUD (about $39,000 USD) to get them all.

Now, Ethan feels some regret about his choices in the past.


Ethan ‘ModBoy’ Bramble opened up about his feelings in an interview with LadBibleTV’s No Filter series.

He said, “I guess you could say I regret some tattoos.” He explained that it’s not just regret but also wanting to be seen differently.

Ethan worries about how people judge him, especially when he does normal things like taking his daughter to school. He thinks having tattoos on his face might cause problems for him and his daughter.

“I wish that I had not gone as hectic as I did on my face,” he said.

To change his appearance, Ethan is getting painful laser surgery to remove some of his tattoos. He hopes this will help him look different.

He said, “I’ve been getting laser [surgery] for almost a year now. We do it bit by bit, but I’ve done the whole thing about six or seven times.

“I started because of anxiety and stuff I was feeling… Mental stuff is hard to understand, but I think a lot of my anxiety came from having so many tattoos on my face.

“I like how I look, but I’m also happy that in the next two years, my face tattoos will fade away more and more. I’m basically clearing my canvas.”

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