🚨 Unfolding Drama: Witness the gripping aftermath of Baltimore’s bridge collapse through stunning visuals and heroic rescue efforts. Stay tuned for updates! 🌊

On Tuesday, people in Baltimore woke up to shocking news: the city’s Francis Scott Key Bridge had fallen down after a big cargo ship crashed into it.

The container ship Dali hit the bridge around 1:30 a.m., knocking some cars into the water. Eight workers were also on the bridge when it got hit, and rescuers are still looking for six of them.

The collision happened because the cargo ship lost power and crashed into the bridge. Maryland Governor Wes Moore called the people who stopped the traffic heroes because they saved lives.

A video shows the moment the ship hit the bridge, causing it to fall into the river. The bridge and ship lights went out, and smoke rose from the ship.

Eight workers were fixing potholes on the bridge when it collapsed. The governor said they’re still figuring out what happened but don’t think it was a terrorist attack.

Rescuers had a tough time because it was dark and hard to see. They’re still searching for people in the water and on the ship.

The Francis Scott Key Bridge is crucial for Baltimore’s transportation. The governor said they’re focused on rescuing people.

Pieces of the bridge were stuck to the ship after the crash. A helicopter flew over the wreckage as the sun came up.

The ship was going very fast when it crashed, according to the governor. People in the neighborhood watched the scene unfold.

One resident said he heard a loud sound when the bridge collapsed and thought it was an aircraft. He never expected something like this to happen.

Keep an eye on the live blog for updates.

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