Carmen and Leo accept Jerry, their father-in-law,’s invitation to dinner, looking forward to spending time with him. However, Jerry, who is renowned for his frugal nature, presents the invitation as an uncommon act of kindness. Rather, he claims to have misplaced his wallet and gives Leo the bill. The pair teaches him a lesson after they discover the truth.

Jerry, my father-in-law, invited my husband Leo and me to a fine restaurant for supper the previous weekend.

Jerry mentioned over the phone, “We haven’t had a meal together in weeks.” “Let’s just sit down and have a nice meal. It’s time.”

“Papa, should we come get you?” Leo turned off his laptop and asked.

Jerry answered, “No.” “I’ll see you over there.”

“This feels good,” I said to my hubby. This is not something we do very often. I believe we ought to get dressed up and have a great time together.

“I concur, my dear,” Leo replied. “Let’s just enjoy ourselves,”

The restaurant was quite elegant, with dim lighting and a background of softly played live jazz music.

Leo took my hand and remarked, “He really chose a fancy place,” as we searched for Jerry.

“Hey, you two! Come on over here! Jerry yelled, a big smile lighting up his face.

Leo said, “Hey, Dad,” stooping to give his dad a hug.

We sat down, me pulling out my chair so that we could just spend time with Jerry.

Gazing at the menu, Jerry replied, “Tell me about you two.” What has been going on in your life? Carmen, are you still employed at the law firm?

“Yes, I have also found a partner.” With excitement, I said. “However, the formal announcement won’t happen until the new year.”

Leo continued talking about his job and how he was hoping we would buy a house together.

“You know, Dad, just in case we want to have kids?” he asked. And on a Sunday afternoon, what could be more enjoyable than grilling out?

Jerry sipped his lemonade and remarked, “Oh, your mother used to love afternoons like that.”

As we placed our food orders, Jerry confided in us that he had been dreaming of visiting Hawaii.

He remarked, “I just think I need a change of scenery.” And I ought to benefit from all that sunshine. Without your mother to go on adventures with, it has been lonely.

I gave him a somber smile.

The loss of my mother-in-law has been felt deeply ever since she passed away about two years ago.

Jerry’s desire to take us to supper was a significant milestone in his healing process, as he hardly ever did anything without persistent prodding from Leo and me.

Would you like to travel alone, though? Leo asked, taking a long drink of whiskey to wash down his dinner.

Jerry answered, “No.” “With a tour group or something like, perhaps. The cost would be less if done jointly. Seniors should also be eligible for discounts.

Our waiter brought over three dessert menus and asked, “Can I interest you in dessert?”

I looked at the desserts and said, “I’ll never say no to dessert.”

My father-in-law continued talking about how much fun he was having playing golf with his new friends after that.

He declared, “I adore spending time outside and away from the house.” Furthermore, I can play golf at any speed I choose. No expectations exist. And there’s no pain at all in my knees.

Soon after the dessert was served, Leo demanded to see the bill.

Although we were both aware that we could have to pay for the supper, it didn’t bother us. Jerry has a reputation for being frugal.

However, Jerry appeared to be in charge of things until he wasn’t.

His happy disposition changed drastically when he received the bill and reached into his pocket for his wallet.

With an increasingly disturbed expression, he began to pat his pockets.

“My wallet must have gone missing! This is unbelievable! With wavering in his voice and nearly tears in his eyes, my father-in-law spoke.

Dad, it’s not a big deal, Leo comforted him. “This is something we can handle.”

But the following morning, I noticed something.

I was having a cup of tea in bed and looking over last night’s pictures.

Jerry’s wallet was visibly seen protruding from his back pocket in one of the pictures we requested the waiter to take.

My stomach turned around in a way that was both funny and unbelievable. That was a fantastic move by Jerry.

I went to my spouse and showed him the picture while he was toasting sandwiches.

I remarked to them, “You have to see this.”

My spouse shook his head and laughed.

“Honey, it seems like Jerry played us like fools.”

While we ate our toasted sandwiches in solitude, we were debating whether or not to discuss it with Jerry.

We eventually came to the conclusion that a little retribution was in order.

“I believe it’s necessary. We must learn our lesson,” I murmured.

We took my father-in-law out to a more upscale restaurant the following weekend.

“Dad, it’s really extravagant,” Leo exclaimed over the phone. Don a suit, if that’s what you’d prefer.

He questioned, “Doesn’t that just mean tiny portions of food and ridiculous prices?”

“Yes,” Leo concurred. “But the experience is also important. Carmen has long had the desire to travel. Additionally, don’t worry; we’ve got this.

We settled into our cozy routine of catching up on the week at the restaurant.

“The other day, I gave okra a try!” Jerry shouted. A woman from the elderly center brought a plate of fried eggplant and okra. Although it wasn’t horrible, I’m not sure if I would eat it again.

Jerry laughed at me. He knew what he liked to eat, and he stuck to it, no matter how adventurous he attempted to be.

We spoke about everything and nothing during dinner, which went very quickly.

And then it was our chance to provide our best performances when the waiter returned with the check.

With a look of heightened concern, Leo patted his pocket and a frown appeared on his face.

“Oh, my dear,” he said. “My wallet must have been left at home! Carmen, could you kindly confirm that you have yours? I know you switched bags.

I searched through my purse, pretending to be panicked.

I said, “Darn it.” “I just assumed that you would have yours, so I didn’t double-check before we left home, and I don’t have mine here either.”

“Dad, are you able to handle this? Naturally, we’ll pay you back,” Leo remarked gravely. “I apologize, Dad. Carmen and I have a tendency to rush things and neglect stuff.

Jerry appeared astonished, his gaze flitting from us to the bill.

“Well, yeah, I guess so. He murmured, “I suppose I could,” and reached grudgingly for his wallet.

Leo informed the waiter about our strategy, and he took over.

Leo heard the waiter apologize, “Sir.” But this place has very severe policies. We just call the cops if the bill isn’t paid.

Jerry drew the banknote closer to himself, and his face went white. His hands trembled as he struggled to get his credit card from his wallet.

Leo and I grinned at one another, thinking that Jerry had come to the realization that he was being played.

As we were leaving the restaurant, my husband said, “You know, I think we should get some ice cream.” Regarding the tiny portions, Dad was correct.

We silently made our way to the neighborhood ice cream shop. I questioned Jerry’s belief that he would also be responsible for paying for the ice cream.

As we placed our orders, my husband replied, “Come on, Dad, choose your flavors.”

Leo took his wallet from his suit pocket when it came time to make our payment.

Do you have your wallet with you? You’ve had it the entire time? Jerry enquired.

Leo gave his dad a nod.

“Jerry, what you did over the weekend wasn’t good. We were going to take over the bill, of course. However, it was the manner you misrepresented it. When I looked at the pictures the following morning, I noticed that your wallet was protruding from your pocket. I said, ‘You had it and you lied.

Jerry apologized and took his bowl from me. “I ought not to have attempted to evade payment. And I swear it won’t take place once more.

Leo and I exchanged a smile. The lesson seems to have been understood.

“Thank you very much,” I replied. “Because we enjoy being a family and spending time together.”

How would you have responded in that situation?