Jennifer Garner is an outspoken supporter of eco-friendly and healthful living. The actress’s passion for gardening serves as a means of grounding herself in nature, cultivating a connection with plants, and advocating for a healthy lifestyle.



Jennifer Aniston is a famous actress who has been in several Oscar-winning films. In her spare time, she tends to the family farm, which she purchased in 2017. She gardens and lives a more relaxed life on this property.


The 20-acre parcel in Locust Grove, Oklahoma, was purchased by Jennifer’s grandparents, Harvey Newton and Violet Margaret Sayre English, for a pitiful $700 in 1936. The actress’s mother, Patricia Garner, revealed to Southern Living that her father, a laborer, purchased the property during the Great Depression, a time when employment was scarce.

Nevertheless, Harvey was granted a veteran’s bonus due to his service in World War I. Having never owned their own home, Patricia’s grandparents understood they would have to spend the windfall to purchase a property of their own.

When Jennifer’s grandparents learned that a plot of property was for sale, they hired a driver to take them there because they didn’t even have Jennifer’s automobile back then.

When Jennifer’s grandparents arrived, they discovered the property was empty save for a two-bedroom farmhouse, which they spent hours negotiating for $20. In the 1930s, this property lacked running water, electricity, and indoor plumbing. Finally, in 1945, electricity was included.

But there were other ways in which the farm was plentiful. The property was exceptionally fertile, and Patricia’s dad had a habit of planting gardens there. Radish, leaf lettuce, young potatoes, and English peas were among the first crops planted. During the summer, green peas, cucumbers, beets, onions, and tomatoes were sown.


Jennifer Lawrence purchased the land in 2017 and transformed it into a nature lover’s paradise. Robert and his wife grow organic produce and supply Jennifer’s children’s food range, “Once Upon A Farm.” Jennifer shares her farm on Instagram, connecting kids to a farm and instilling work ethic.

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