Fans got to see the way Jennifer Lopez behaves behind the scenes in her Amazon Prime Video documentary, This Is Me … Now, but now, we’re getting a peek at what she’s like on set, and some people aren’t very impressed with what they’ve seen. In a new video that has resurfaced online, J.Lo can be seen spitting her gum into the hands of an assistant while filming, and people have a lot of thoughts about her after seeing this moment play out on camera.

The moment played out while J.Lo was filming her movie ‘Second Act.’

In the clip that’s now making its way around X (formerly Twitter), J.Lo can be seen spitting her gum into the hands of a waiting assistant before they could start rolling.

The background of the video plays audio of J.Lo talking about how women have to be “more well-behaved” than men on set.

People aren’t impressed by Jennifer, to say the least.

Many shared their own takes on the situation – and a lot of them didn’t reflect well on Jennifer.

“The more I hear about J.Lo the worse it gets,” one person wrote.

Another added, “This is nasty. Aint enough money in the world. She couldn’t spit it out behind her or something?”

Others are coming to her defense.

This includes people who have worked in the entertainment industry, and multiple of them have pointed out that this is pretty common.

“She’s filming something, that’s what assistants do. Nothing unusual is going on here,” one of them wrote.

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The assistant in the video has spoken out.

She said she’s worked with Jennifer for “several years” and they were trying to shoot quickly, because it was cold and a lot of paparazzi were surrounding them. She added that J.Lo likes to chew gum between scenes so she’ll have fresh breath for the actors she’s working with (and speaking closely to).

And for the record, Jennifer spit the gum into a tissue, not directly into her assistant’s hand.

In the end, it was NBD.

The assistant had nothing bad to say about Jennifer.

“Sorry to disappoint, there’s nothing further to the story. If you want to hate on someone then unfortunately, that’s your right but this isn’t it. Also don’t worry about my well being, though set life is hard so I appreciate advocating for PAs always,” she.

Maybe we can cut J.Lo some slack on this?

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