During a Parisian outing with their mother, Emme Muniz, showed off a fashion accessory that had everyone talking – flesh tunnels.

The 16-year-old child of Jennifer Lopez set the internet abuzz when they stepped out with black piercings in their stretched earlobes.

While the “Jenny From The Block” singer opted for a chic look, her teen went for an edgier look, an aesthetic they’ve been working on for several years.

“[Emme] is into experimenting with different hair colors and quirky makeup techniques,” a source told Life & Style in December 2021. Despite having “varying tastes in fashion,” Emme and Lopez still enjoy helping each other find the perfect outfit.

When photos of the child-mother duo began to circulate online, many wondered what happened with Emme.

“Not very feminine, looks like a dude”

“She’s rebelling against her Mother can’t wait to read that book!!”

“Some celebrity kids are doomed????

“She needs to pay more attention to her children and not be so self absorbed .”

“JLo must be dying inside.”

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