The 2023 Monte-Carlo Television Festival in Monaco saw the Coyote Ugly actor make his slimming debut.

Since the 1980s, John Goodman has appeared on our screens, but in his most recent performance, the 71-year-old, who becomes a year older on Tuesday, appears completely different from the person we remember.

John appeared at the Monte-Carlo Television Festival in Monaco looking nearly unrecognizably slimmer after losing 200 pounds, but he didn’t lose the weight quickly or with a fad diet; instead, it is said that it took him 16 years to lose the weight after starting his journey in 2007 at a weight of 400 pounds.
John told ABC in 2017 that he had to completely change his thinking to lose weight. He said: “In the past, I would take three months off, lose 60 or 70 pounds, and then reward myself with a six-pack or something and just go back to my old behaviors.

“I wanted to go slowly this time. Move and work out. I can no longer afford to remain still as I get older.”

How did John Goodman manage to slim down?

John claimed that in his search for a healthy lifestyle, he stopped drinking alcohol, engaged a personal trainer, and adopted a Mediterranean-style eating plan that consists primarily of fish, olive oil, vegetables, nuts, and fruit. He also made an effort to do 10,000 to 12,000 steps each day.

John told David Letterman in 2011 that he needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle and said, “It’s going to be an ongoing process for the rest of my life.”

Fans expressed their admiration for John’s commitment by posting remarks on Twitter. “John Goodman has lost so much weight that he hardly even looks like him. He looks great,” one person wrote, while another added: “Wow. Because of how different he looks on his face, I wouldn’t recognize him.

Did John Goodman use Ozempic to lose weight?

Others questioned John’s use of the metabolism-resetting weight-loss medication Ozempic. It acts on the brain and the digestive system to control how full you feel after a meal and mimics the hormone your digestive system produces in reaction to consuming food.

John hasn’t stated if he’s used the contentious medication, but given his long-term strategy of eating healthily and exercising more, we doubt he did.

Here’s hoping John is feeling his best, ready for his 71st year!

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