Celebrity kids usually follow in their parents’ footsteps, but occasionally they make an entirely different decision. The 22-year-old daughter of well-known American actor John Travolta, Ella Blue Travolta, entered the first category since she is actively pursuing her acting career. Ella is developing well. She’s already qualified as an independent star. How rapidly sweet Ella has matured is amazing. It appears that fans have been viewing her early years’ pictures on the well-known father’s social media accounts lately. And these days Ella keeps showing up to different gatherings more and more. She is going to rule the star party, no question about it.

The appearance of Ella Blue Travolta, who is 22 years old

Ella was at a brand party hosted by Neiman Marcus recently. The girl came out with a big declaration of who she was, and now her social appearances are what keep the public interested. Ella used to be referred to be a carbon duplicate of her father. See for yourself now. Can you identify any John Travolta traits in Ella’s appearance?

Ella’s beautiful style had already emerged by the time she was 22 years old. She donned a black laconic dress to the celebration. With a Dior belt, the girl accentuated her waist and overall slim shape. Ella placed a knit cardigan over her shoulders that added an unusual touch to the ensemble. Though it may seem at first like a dress with a cape, that’s not what it is. This cardigan is standard issue.

A girl’s movie career success

Naturally, John Travolta assisted his daughter in making her big-screen debut. That being said, she debuted in the movie “The Poisonous Rose” three years ago. Along with her father, Ella’s coworkers on the set of this American-Italian thriller were celebrities like Brendan Fraser, Morgan Freeman, and Kat Graham. I think it’s a really good application for success.

Ella, though, isn’t content to always be her father’s kid. She’s trying to carve out a niche for herself in acting. Ella will therefore soon appear in a novel adaptation of Alice in Wonderland. There will be events in Europe. Ella Travolta’s character Alice will meet the Mad Hatter William. Nighttime Budapest awaits them with adventures. Additionally, it is known that Sasha Luss, a Russian model and actress, will feature in this movie. There are numerous allusions to the Red Queen in her figure.

Ella would make Mom proud.

We all focus on Ella’s father. In addition, Mom would be incredibly proud of her daughter. Sadly, Ella’s mother, actress Kelly Preston, who was also John’s wife, passed away in 2020. Cancer struck her. Kelly was never able to witness how victoriously her only daughter started her career in film. John also needs to adjust to being a single father at this point.

Ella will undoubtedly make her presence known even more clearly in the near future. She has a very good potential of becoming a beloved actor in addition to a well-known actress.

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