Kate Middleton has had a lot of people supporting her throughout her life. Her parents, Carole and Michael Middleton, have always been there for her, especially when she was bullied as a kid. Even though she’s a princess now, her parents are still very close to her, and Carole loves spending time with Kate, her husband William, and their grandchildren, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

Carole and Michael do fun things with their grandkids, especially now that Kate is recovering from surgery and William has more to take care of at home.

Kate’s family has been worried about her health and how the surgery might affect her future. A royal expert says Carole was particularly worried and did something surprising.

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Kate grew up in a happy home with her parents and two siblings, Pippa and James. Her parents started a business called Party Pieces when Kate was five years old because they couldn’t find good party supplies for her birthday. The business became successful, and Kate even helped out with it when she was young.

During her teenage years, Kate was bullied at school, which was really tough for her. Eventually, she went to a different school and then to university, where she met Prince William.

Carole and Michael have always supported Kate, even when she met William. They were worried she might get lost in the royal family, but they kept their concerns to themselves.

Even though Kate and William were happy together, Kate faced more bullying from William’s friends, who gave her mean nicknames.

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Some of William’s friends were really rude to Kate, and William got really angry when he found out.

Before Kate’s parents started their own business, her mom worked as a flight attendant for British Airways. When William and Kate went to clubs, William’s friends would make fun of Kate and her mom’s job.

Royal expert Katie Nicholl talked about this on Vanity Fair’s podcast. She said William’s snobby friends would whisper rude things about Kate when she showed up at clubs in West London.

These friends, known as the “Glosse Posse,” because they’re from Gloucestershire, acted like they were better than Kate. But Kate didn’t let their mean comments bother her. She just ignored them.

A royal aide said Kate never lost her temper over it. But William wasn’t okay with his girlfriend being treated badly.

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In 2021, someone told the Daily Mail that Prince William got really mad when his friends made fun of Kate, his girlfriend. They said he gets upset whenever he sees Kate being treated badly or talked down to. He doesn’t like it when people disrespect her or her family.

Kate was teased because her mom used to work as a flight attendant. Some of William’s friends called her mean names like “doors to manual.” William didn’t let it slide, though. He told his friends off, saying he won’t tolerate them being rude to Kate or her family.

But the teasing didn’t stop there. Some people from wealthy families looked down on Kate’s family, calling them “the en masse Middletons.” This happened because the Middletons would show up to events in a nice Land Rover with fancy picnic stuff, which some rich people didn’t like.

Katie Nicholl explained on a podcast that rich people sometimes looked down on the Middletons because they showed up to events looking fancy, alongside people with high titles, but their car would get muddy.

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Additionally, Nicholl said that Carole Middleton was really proud of their picnics. They used fancy silver cutlery and a nice tablecloth when they ate.

The Middletons would make a big effort with their picnics, unlike some really posh people who might not bother as much. Carole and Michael Middleton have spent a lot of time with their grandkids, especially recently because Kate had surgery.

The news about Kate’s surgery surprised a lot of people when it came out in January. She stayed in the hospital for 13 days before going back home.

As time passed, Kate officially became part of the royal family. She married Prince William in 2011, and soon after, Carole and Michael became grandparents to a royal baby.

Carole and Michael have always supported their kids, and becoming grandparents was a huge joy for them.

Now, besides Pippa Middleton’s three kids and James’s baby boy, Carole and Michael spend a lot of time with Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis as they grow up. They live in Berkshire, not too far from Adelaide Cottage.

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When Kate had surgery, she didn’t tell many people about it, not even those close to the royal family. But her parents probably knew, and afterward, Prince William had to take on more responsibility with the kids.

Even though Kate had really good doctors, it’s normal for family to worry. That includes her parents, especially Carole, who was really worried about Kate’s health.

A former BBC reporter said Carole Middleton was really worried about Kate, acting like a protective mother hen.

In 2018, on her birthday, Carole talked about her biggest fear, which was losing a family member. She said she’s glad her family stayed close even as her kids grew up.

Kate’s friends have been helping her during her recovery. They probably know how to cheer her up after such a big surgery.

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While Kate is getting better at home, her parents, Carole and Michael Middleton, have been really helpful in taking care of George, Charlotte, and Louis.

Her friends might have given her nice gifts like spa stuff and yummy treats to make her feel better. They know what she likes to do, watch, or read, and they’ve probably been telling her to rest and take it easy.

Kate’s parents have always been a big part of her kids’ lives, and they’ll be there to support her when she goes back to Windsor to recover.

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