Kathie Lee Gifford, the legendary television host known for her outspoken and outgoing nature, recently experienced a period of silence and withdrawal from the public eye. The loss of her husband of 29 years, Frank Gifford, followed by the passing of her mother, Joan Epstein, left her searching for solace and healing.

Now, in a heartfelt interview, Gifford has finally opened up about the source of her strength during this difficult time. It is something many of us may have suspected – her unwavering faith in God.
In the interview, Gifford bravely shared her innermost thoughts about loss, loneliness, and the power of faith. She recounted the devastating moment when she discovered her husband had passed away in August of 2015. Instead of succumbing to grief, she focused on the belief that Frank was now in Heaven.

“On a beautiful Sunday morning, I found my husband passed on to Heaven… He saw Jesus, and Jesus took his breath away,” Gifford revealed.

After her husband’s death, Gifford turned to her mother for support. However, just two years later, she tragically lost her mother as well. With her children living far away, Gifford faced a new level of loneliness she had never experienced before.

“My biggest struggle at this point in my life is loneliness,” she shared. “I’ve lost my parents, my husband is gone now, and my children live far away from me. I still live in the same big house where we made a gazillion million memories. And there are times when I am overwhelmed by loneliness.”

But Gifford discovered that she was never truly alone. She found comfort in the unwavering presence of God by her side. It was through God’s love that she found the strength to carry on and overcome the loss of her loved ones, knowing that they were now in a better place.

Gifford’s openness about her faith in this remarkable interview is truly inspiring. Let us join together in sending prayers her way, as she continues to navigate through life with grace and resilience.

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