After celebrating her 45th birthday, beloved actress Katie Holmes was spotted sporting thick, side-swept bangs. Many were quick to gush over Holmes once they saw her sporting a fresh do, a chic coat, and a turtleneck. They even went so far as to label her “gorgeous.”

Katie Holmes stunned fans in New York City with a fresh new appearance and a complementary costume as she celebrated her 45th birthday last week.

In addition to her new hairstyle, the actress from “Dawson’s Creek” sported a long black and white coat, a black turtleneck, and denim trousers with a high waist. Light makeup, black leather boots, and a crossbody red bag completed her look.

Many were captivated by Holmes’s stylish outfit when they viewed photos of her outing. According to one fan, “She is gorgeous 🔥.” Another person praised her, calling her “Fabulous,” while still another person said, “Love it! ❤️.”

This hairdo is characterized by an unusually large side part that is off-center from the typical center part, creating a dramatic effect that frames the face. Anyone can carry off side-swept bangs, but those with long, oval, or heart-shaped faces do it particularly effectively.

The two hairstyles that Holmes is most recognized for are her lengthy locks and her stylish bob. “I love doing long and straight hair,” the actress said when asked about this specific topic. Aesthetically, it’s refined and understated.

The 45-year-old has stated that she washes and conditions her hair daily, and she often wears her hair in a long style since she believes it looks good no matter what.


Katie Holmes still enjoys trying new hairstyles, but when she cuts her locks short, she longs for the long locks she had before. She has previously expressed her desire to avoid cutting her hair so short that it becomes impossible to style into a ponytail if given the chance.

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