You’ll see that Keanu Reeves is a down to earth person who has never put himself above kindness and compassion, despite his megastar position, money, and unfathomable fame.

Every few months, Reeves seems to do something new to remind us that he is the gold standard for A-list celebrities who put others before themselves and behave in a way that conveys their sincere concern for society.

Reeves, who is well known for his work in blockbuster movies, recently displayed his talent as a comic book writer. He and Matt Kindt jointly conceived and co-wrote BRZRKR, which became the most well-read single issue since Star Wars in 2015.

During a book signing event, a nine-year-old fan, who considered Keanu Reeves his “favorite actor,” reached out to him. How did Keanu respond? Just as graciously as you might expect…

When your celebrity status shines as brightly as Keanu Reeves’, it’s reasonable to assume that there are very few days when you don’t encounter someone who wants your picture or autograph.

Although you’d never know it from watching Keanu interact with his fans, the attention must occasionally become tiresome. After all, it stands to reason that being constantly sought after by others could be exhausting.

Throughout the years, the 58-year-old actor has consistently demonstrated his kind heart and compassion. Remember the time he patiently answered a young boy’s series of questions after a long flight? How about the time Sandra Bullock revealed that he surprised her with champagne and truffles after she mentioned she had never tried them?

We could go on indefinitely. The point is that Keanu Reeves is a genuinely nice person, so his return to social media after an interaction with a nine-year-old fan shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Rumor has it that the young child enthusiastically exclaimed, “I’m such a big fan!” as he approached Reeves at a book signing.

In the footage provided by IGN, Reeves inquires about the boy’s name. When the nine-year-old responds, “Noah” (as if there were any doubt), Keanu introduces himself.

In the video, Noah says, “You’re probably my all-time favorite actor.” The next shot shows Keanu grinning broadly. He exclaims, “Oh my god, Noah, thank you!”

The 58-year-old actor then asks if the young fan has seen Duke Caboom, the character Reeves voiced in Toy Story 4. “He’s my favorite character,” Noah responds.

Both Keanu’s enthusiasm and his politeness shine through in these interactions. Fans were quick to point out that the John Wick actor always seems just as thrilled to interact with others as they are to interact with him.

In Keanu’s case, it’s safe to say that the age-old adage, “never meet your idols,” can be ignored.

Are you also a big Keanu Reeves fan? If so, please feel free to comment with your thoughts. Which Keanu Reeves film is your favorite?

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