Fans of the Osbourne family’s podcast, “The Osbournes,” were smitten with Kelly’s adorable son Sidney after he made a guest appearance.

The Osbourne twins, Kelly and Jack, have just shared a sneak peek from their most recent podcast. The little video showed Kelly’s family having a nice chat, including Sidney, who is still a toddler and has no words yet.

Sidney has won over several Instagram fans with her meager efforts at making noises, weeping, and wishing she could hit the red button, all in her brief time in the spotlight.



“Sidney is definitely rocking the Osbourne genes,” someone commented. With his cute little moves, Sidney was “the star of the show,” according to another social media user. “Sid was the star of the show,” contended another. “What a little Ham so stinking adorable.”

Considering his youth, someone proposed that Sidney continue to be a part of the podcast. I’m already a fan of yours, someone else said.



Kelly welcomed a boy in late 2022, as Sharon initially announced on “The Talk.” Kelly and her partner Sid Wilson didn’t do much to publicize the birth of their baby, but she did share some thoughts on parenthood in an interview that was conducted months after the birth.

Kelly claims that, despite her fear of making errors, being a mother has been the most rewarding experience of her life. You can’t learn from a mistake unless you make one, so it’s the little things and the mistakes that add up. She lamented the fact that the task could not be accomplished without a baby.


Kelly Osbourne, a popular TV personality, has faced criticism for her weight loss post-partum, despite her parents’ advice to be selfless. Despite this, Kelly takes care of herself and prioritizes her well-being. She has undergone a gastric sleeve operation in 2020 to achieve this.

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