Lily Allen has candidly shared that she lost her virginity when she was just 12 years old.

The 38-year-old mom-of-two who tied the knot with Stranger Things actor David Harbour, 48, in 2020, was on vacation with her dad, now 69, and younger brother Alfie, 36, when the ordeal happened.

She spoke about it with Alan Carr, 47, on his Life’s A Beach podcast, explaining that she had gone missing as a mere pre-teen.

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Lily said: “I actually went missing. I lost my virginity to a guy called Fernando in Brazil. When I was about 12, no I am not joking. Never spoke to him again.


Lily Allen has candidly shared that she lost her virginity when she was just 12 years old. Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty


“They thought I actually went missing. I went to his hotel room, and I was on holiday with my dad and brother, and obviously didn’t come back to my room.”

Lily went on to say she “slept in the next day”, and said: “I woke up and there was police all over the hotel.”

She said: “They were literally combing the beach and had T-shirts (asking), ‘Is this what she was wearing?’ I didn’t have the heart to say, ‘No, I was just losing my virginity’. It was all a bit traumatic, and I didn’t have sex again then for a while.”

Essentially, this was a case of statutory rape. This means that underage children can never consent.

Back in 2018, Lily recalled how she had sex with a famous friend of her father when she was just 14.


Lily Allen and her father Keith Allen in 2008. Credit: George Pimentel / Getty


She recounted the incident in her memoir, My Thoughts Exactly, in which she said her dad turned it into a “joke”.

Lily recalled how she was sent to a hotel to return the the man’s football kit after he had taken part in a charity match.

She alleges that she met him in the hotel bar and that he had bought her some drinks before they had sex in one of the rooms. Lily penned: “I was 14. He was 19, but to me he seemed like someone from a different generation. Afterwards, I felt funny about it. I knew what had happened wasn’t right.”

She said she was afraid to tell her father what had happened, but when he did find out, she says he made light of it.

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