Damian Hurley’s upcoming directorial debut ‘Strictly Confidential’ stars his mom Elizabeth.

The 21-year-old has written and directed upcoming release Strictly Confidential, a mysterious thriller set in the Caribbean, which dives into ‘a seductive world of sex, betrayal and murder’.

Ahead of the release – which stars Gossip Girl star Elizabeth Hurley, also Damian’s mom, who has a particularly steamy scene teased in the trailer – Damian has spoken out on why he’s not a nepo-baby. Prepare to blush at the steamy trailer here:

Having grown up with actor Elizabeth as a mom, Naomi Campbell as an ‘old family friend’ and a ‘godfather’ in Elton John, there’s no denying Damian hasn’t got good connections in the entertainment industry.

In an interview with The Sunday Times, he says: “Giancarlo and Valentino [of the fashion house] are some of my mother’s best friends in the world. I go on their boat nearly every summer. I’ve been really, really spoilt, unfortunately.”

However, it wasn’t all easy with Damian having a ‘gruelling’ time growing up with his famous mom, being ‘chased by paparazzi on motorbikes on the way to school’.

But does this all mean he’s a nepo-baby – short for nepotism baby, someone who’s parent has succeeded in the same career and has connections to the industry they’re entering into?

Damian's mom is actor Elizabeth Hurley.

Getty Images/ Lionel Hahn

Well, Damien notes he’s actually ‘managed to escape a lot of the fire of the nepo-baby stuff’.

“Because anyone who looks at me has gone, ‘Oh, actually, hang on, you’ve been working exceptionally hard since you were 15 years old,'” he says.

And Damian’s hard work continued on the set of Strictly Confidential, the director and writer reflecting he was ‘so frantic’ he ‘could hardly breathe for the entire shoot’.

He adds: “Your body is sent totally through the wringer. I lost 20lb in ten days down to stress. When you’re a perfectionist you don’t do things by halves, it’s impossible.”

In a post to Instagram shortly after wrapping on the film in December 2022, Damian noted ‘everyone involved deserves public declarations of adoration (all of which will come in due course)’, but that he wanted to ‘worship’ his mom for ‘dropping everything’ the moment his first feature was greenlit and ‘racing’ out to help.

He said: “Working together was a dream. This has genuinely been the most incredible experience, both professionally and personally. I’ve made lifelong friends and learnt many valuable lessons. I’m so so proud of this film.”

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