Regardless of our identities, we are all required to have standards. Although we strive to live up to the standards to the best of our abilities, they won’t always be acceptable to everyone.

This would include the expectations we have of finding the ideal partner with whom to live out the remainder of our days. Although we must find that person attractive, other people have different ideas on the matter.

That includes Kevin, a Fife resident and avid TikTok user. He stated in an interview with The Sun that he has strict requirements when it comes to entering a partnership. Many individuals think his criteria are excessive.

He says, quite simply, that he doesn’t like ugly women. “I’m not saying I’m Brad Pitt, but I know I can pull reasonable women,” he continues.

He’s got this vision of the ideal woman in his head. She would not only be gorgeous but also have long hair and a huge bosom. He disagrees that her long hair should be secured with a hair tie, if it exists.

He acknowledges that it makes it more difficult to discover that someone because he is only interested in people with a very particular and upscale appearance. “It’s going to be much harder work for you, and a lot of other men will probably be chasing you,” he stated.

He believes he may be alone for a long time since he won’t settle for anything less than the greatest and that he will keep working hard to find that special someone. Notwithstanding his tendency toward pickiness, he has dated a few people and even had a committed relationship at one point.

He was just dating the person for a month before the romance ended. He had met them on TikTok.

Since Kevin doesn’t drink and isn’t regularly in bars, he has a hard time meeting people. He searches for love on dating apps, but he frequently finds it difficult because most women don’t respond to messages and most of them never even try.

He continued, saying, “I can assure you that if you do receive a message from a girl, it will be from someone who isn’t particularly attractive.

“I’ve dropped my expectations in the past, but I never relished it. I will not repeat the action.

Kevin still thinks he might date in the future, but it would have to be the right person. According to him, many guys choose to be single and don’t settle down; he views this as a lifestyle choice.

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