This story, shared a few days ago on Reddit’s Malicious Compliance community, went viral and clearly shows how you can get backlash just for trying to do a good deed – as well as showing what instant karma is and how it works.

The author of the post lives in Ontario and always tries to help his neighbors with freezing windshield wipers on their cars

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The man had been helping his neighbors for several years and they always responded to him the same way

Man Snaps At Helpful Neighbor, His Wife Needs Help The Next Morning But Gets A Refusal This Time

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Several days ago a couple with two little kids moved to the neighboring house

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That night the author lifted all the wipers up as the snowfall was coming, but hesitated a bit while standing in front of his new neighbors’ truck

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Image credits: u/goodneighbor123

The owners of the car demanded the author got away from it so he did – and recalled this in the morning when the neighbor asked him to help with their frozen wipers

So, the Original Poster (OP) lives in Ontario, which means that in winter, he and his neighbors often have to deal with severe frosts and snowfall. As the author of the post says, there are five more houses on his street, and over the years in the neighborhood, their owners have developed a whole set of rules for mutual assistance. For example, when the OP left for his overnight shift at around 8-9 pm and saw that a snowstorm was coming, he would always lift the windshield wipers up on his wife’s car, and then quickly do the same to the neighbors’ cars.

The neighbors were only grateful for such help, and in the future, if the OP did not have time to pick up his wipers, they did the same with his car. This went on for a long time – until a couple with two children moved into one of the neighboring houses, and the OP got into an involuntary fight with the new neighbors, the reason for which was his helpfulness.

Yes, that’s right – one of the evenings when the OP was leaving for his next overnight shift and saw that it was starting to snow heavily, he walked around the neighbors’ cars, picking up their wipers. In front of the new neighbors’ truck, the man, however, hesitated a bit – after all, he had not yet talked to them about the neighborhood traditions, but he decided to provide this small but important help anyway.

And just at the moment when the author of the post was lifting the wipers up, a neighbor jumped out of the house and, not mincing words, began to swear at the OP, demanding that he immediately get away from the truck. The author of the post tried to explain what exactly he was doing and why, but this did not stop the flow of insults. When the neighbor’s wife ran out into the street and joined cursing at him, the OP wisely decided that the best solution in this situation was to simply leave.

He had to wait until the morning for the denouement – when the OP was returning home from work, he saw how the neighbor’s wife was desperately trying to tear the frozen wipers from the windshield, and the children were waiting in the car – obviously they were already late for school. The woman asked the OP to help her, but he was adamant, recalling that just a few hours ago he had literally sworn to her and her spouse not to touch their car again.

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The original poster says that as he walked to his house, the neighbor shouted insults at his back. However, people in the comments did not share her indignation, arguing that asking a person to do something for which you insulted him just a few hours ago is, to put it mildly, unreasonable. “They’ll either solve the problem themselves or learn not to shout so much before getting the facts,” the commenters write.

Of course, some commenters admit that in the late evening, in the beginning of a snowstorm, having just moved to a new area, it is quite difficult to see what exactly some unknown dude is going to do with your car on the street, so the first sharp reaction from the owner of the truck is still justified. But then, when the OP explained what exactly he was doing, the neighbors had no excuses left. “She just found out what happens when you bite a helpful hand,” people in the comments state.

However, even when you are well acquainted with your neighbors, this does not guarantee at all that you will not have any conflicts. For example, you could just read this story of ours about a guy who briefly parked his car on a neighbors’ driveway while they were on vacation in a foreign country. Or maybe this post, which tells about an epic confrontation between the homeowner and the neighboring HOA. And besides, we would love to know what you personally think about this story.

People in the comments mainly sided with the author, claiming that his neighbors literally found out how karma works

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