The aftermath of this year’s Super Bowl has stirred discussions beyond the field, and one particular commercial featuring Mark Wahlberg has ignited controversy. The Hollywood star, known for his faith, collaborated with Jonathan Roumie to promote the Catholic app Hallow.

Wahlberg, expressing gratitude in the commercial, was followed by a message on the arena screen: “For the first time ever, join over 100 million people in prayer during Super Bowl LVIII.” The commercial aimed to highlight Hallow’s mission to connect people with faith, offering on-the-go prayers since its 2018 launch.

Despite the app’s popularity, the commercial faced criticism online, with some expressing confusion and embarrassment. One commentator humorously congratulated Wahlberg for ensuring that Ben Affleck didn’t embarrass Boston the most during the Super Bowl. Another remarked on the peculiar nature of Wahlberg’s involvement, while a third questioned if they heard him say “stay prayed up.”

While Wahlberg has openly discussed his faith, the commercial’s reception was varied, showcasing the diverse reactions to the intersection of celebrity endorsement and religious messaging during a widely watched event like the Super Bowl.

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