The Dutchess of Sussex and Princess of Wales are no longer friends

Meghan Markle reportedly reached out to the Princess of Wales and former Dutchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, to wish her well following her undisclosed abdominal surgery in mid-January 2024.

Following that health scare and also the cancer diagnosis given to King Charles, the estranged Prince Harry and Meghan Markle appear to have switched up their attitude to the Royal Family.

For a while, they’ve been keen to breakaway and live their own life on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean by heading to California to live on the Pacific coast. Now following the illness of Prince Harry’s father, he has suggested it could bring them all closer together again and Markle appears to subscribe to that notion.

“Meghan has contacted Kate and Charles,” a source speaking to Us Weekly said. “So, moves are being made to reconcile.”

A second person added “Meghan is supportive of Harry in all of this, and she wishes the Royals-Kate included-the very best.”

The source also said that Markle was supportive of Harry’s decision to go and see his father, the King, after the diagnosis and that the son got to tell his parent that he loves him.

How did Middleton respond?

Apparently, despite the pair falling out a few years ago before Harry and Meghan quit official duties, Middleton has reacted really positively to the news although she will remain out of whatever her husband, Prince William, intends to do with Harry.

The future King of England reportedly told his friends that he will be blocking any attempt by his younger brother to return to the royal fold as their blood feud shows no sign of slowing down on William’s end.

Nonetheless, it’s still positive news for the Duke of Sussex and it’s way to get back into fixing the relationship with his family as they adjust to a new era without Queen Elizabeth II at the helm.

“They [Harry and Meghan] can use this as a starting point,” a source added. “The consensus is that life is too short, and there’s hope this will lead to repairing the rift.”

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