Meghan Markle, renowned for her elegant style, recently debuted a subtle yet stunning change to her long, beautiful locks. At the 2025 Invictus Games alongside Prince Harry, she showcased her new “chocolate chestnut brunette” hair color, a departure from her usual chocolate brown hue.

Glam hairstylist Kadi Lee, who shared a photo of Markle on Instagram, revealed the details of her new look. The color, described as a blend of red and golden undertones with a dark overtone, was crafted to enhance Markle’s natural glow, especially during the winter months. Kadi credited Markle’s stylist Hector for the flawless blowout that added volume and shine to her hair.

The photo garnered heaps of praise from online users, with many expressing admiration for the seamless color transition and Markle’s radiant appearance. Fans even requested details of the color used, eager to replicate the look for themselves.

Despite Markle’s effortless beauty, her father, Thomas Markle, revealed the effort it took to maintain her sleek hairstyle when she was younger. He recalled waking up early to help her straighten her hair before school, showcasing his unwavering support for his daughter’s grooming routine.

Markle’s journey with hair care and styling dates back to her teenage years, where she honed her skills alongside her father, a seasoned lighting director. Over the years, she perfected her signature glossy look, drawing inspiration from her diverse heritage and incorporating treatments like Brazilian blow-outs to maintain her hair’s softness and bounce.

In February 2024, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex visited Canada to promote the 2025 Invictus Games, founded by Prince Harry to support sick and injured service members. Their visit to the Participating Nation’s Training Camp highlighted their commitment to the event, with Markle’s new hairstyle adding to her vibrant presence alongside Harry.

Fans lauded the couple’s dedication to the Invictus Games, praising their interactions with veterans and service personnel. Markle’s stylish appearance at the event further endeared her to admirers, who expressed pride in seeing her support Prince Harry’s noble initiative.

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