Isabella Strahan, the teenage daughter of famous former football player Michael Strahan, is showing the world how strong she is. At just 19 years old, Isabella is fighting brain cancer, but she’s not letting it dampen her spirits.

Recently, Isabella made a video where she danced joyfully to a popular song, wearing comfy sweatpants and a sweatshirt. This was her way of telling everyone that she’s still full of life, even after a follower on social media asked if she was still alive. Her response? “Better than ever,” one supportive commenter remarked, to which Isabella replied: “Not going anywhere.”

Michael Strahan's daughter responds to online trolls while fighting brain cancer
Credit: YouTube / Isabella Strahan.

Another follower jokingly expressed concern, writing: “Thanks for the update … I was worried.”

Isabella’s battle with cancer came to light when she and her dad talked about it on TV earlier this year. She has a type of cancer called medulloblastoma, which she’s been fighting since last October.

Despite the tough treatments like chemotherapy and hospital stays, Isabella keeps sharing her journey with the world through her YouTube channel. She’s even celebrated finishing her last radiation treatment.

Her father, Michael, is incredibly proud of how brave and strong Isabella has been through all of this. He finds it hard to see her in pain, but he knows she’s tough and will keep fighting.

Isabella recently had to face another big challenge—her third brain surgery. She shared in a video that it was painful, even with medicine. But even in tough times, she’s not giving up.


Isabella’s story isn’t just about her illness; it’s about her incredible spirit and the love and support of her family. She and her twin sister, Sophia, know their dad is always there for them, cheering them on every step of the way.

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