A social media video shared on TikTok by thatscrazy_64 shows a picture of the patty in question, which had a strange texture and less-than-appetizing look. “Start checking your food,” said one of the videos shared. But many people on social media had mixed reactions to the video, with some pointing out that the patty merely had oil bubbles and it was nothing to press charges over.

After the burger was served to her child in December last year, the mother scolded the school in a heavy-worded email and threatened to sue them over the patty that she said had a “foul smell and unpleasant texture.”

The mother revealed that she was seriously concerned over the food being served in the lunch hall because the burger patty seemed like one of the most “disgusting food items” she had ever seen.

A video showing a burger patty served in school has garnered millions of views on TikTok

Image credits: Josh Duke

“On 12/12, during lunchtime, I discovered a burger patty in my child’s meal that was inedible and appeared to be one of the most disgusting food items I have ever seen served ANYWHERE. The patty had a foul smell and an unpleasant texture, the burger looked like it was made out of rubber, this raised serious concerns for me as a parent,” she wrote.

“This incident not only affected my child’s/ student’s lunch experience but also raises concerns about the amount of students who unknowingly ATE THIS VERY LUNCH. As a parent, there is absolutely NO REASON why anyone should be served such a thing,” she added.

The mother said she would be dragging the school to court to ensure that meals served to children in school meet the required quality standards.

“The look of the burger itself is sickening and i will BE PRESSING CHARGES; Due to the lack of food regulations being put in place, I believe it is crucial to ensure that the food provided in our school meets the necessary standard of quality, freshness, and safety. I look forward to speaking with you in court,” she went on to say.

The video said the burger looked so normal from the outside

Image credits: thatscrazy_64

The viral video also included the response that the mother received from the unidentified school. The school officials said they did not see any issues with the food being served and said the now infamous burger patty was “edible.”

“I’m sorry to hear about your student’s bad lunch experience. Many complaints have been sent to us about food quality issues, however we do not see any issues with the food being served. Although there is a slight discoloration with the meat, it is still edible,” read the response.

The school also told the enraged mother that her child could choose not to eat the meals served in school and could bring food from home instead.

“If you or your daughter have an issue with the lunch being served, don’t eat it. Packing a lunch is still an option,” the school said in its response.

The mother complained that the burger patty served in school for lunch had a “foul smell and unpleasant texture”

Image credits: thatscrazy_64

On one hand, there were several people in the comments section who were appalled by the state of the patty served to the children in the school.

“‘Don’t eat it’ would have absolutely sent me into a rage,” one viewer wrote in the comment section. Another added, “That is NOT a slight discoloration.”

“I have trypopobia and I don’t eat meat… I’m currently crying,” another added.

Another said: “I don’t have trypophobia but I’m gagging cause hell naw.”

On the other hand, some social media users said the burger was edible and that it was simply oil bubbles that were texturing the burger.

“It’s just oil bubbles why you wanna press charges?” one person commented.

“This is normal with frozen burgers or ones with grid patterns. Pressing charges is wild,” another wrote.

Some users also called it the “barnacle” burger.

“The ‘barnacle burger’ is simply consisted of your average burger meat creating air bubbles that eventually pop due to juices,” one said.

The picture of the patty was enough to trigger gag reflexes across the internet

Image credits: thatscrazy_64

Another TikToker, idksterling, who has about 5.7 million followers on the social media platform, previously explained in a video how some burger patties have bubbles on them.

“Why does this happen to Burger King burgers?” read the title of the video.

“I’m sorry to break this news, guys, but if you have trypophobia, do not order a burger from Burger King,” the TikToker said in the video.

Some internet users said this is normal and that the burger is edible

Image credits: thatscrazy_64

He explained that he got tagged in a video after a girl noticed a strange pattern on her patty while eating a burger from Burger King.

“Personally, this is not my first time seeing this, so I’m pretty comfortable with it. But if it was my first time, I would probably be pretty freaked out, too. And this is something that a lot more people are starting to notice over the past several months,” he said.

The mother told the school that she would be dragging them to court

Image credits: thatscrazy_64

The TikToker then went on to explain what causes this peculiar pattern on the burgers.

“Now, here’s the deal. This does not mean the burger is bad, and this is actually pretty normal considering the way that these burgers are made. Many of the burgers in Burger King are frozen, and they also have this grid-like pattern right here, which plays a big role into why this pattern is present after they’ve been cooked,” he said.

“When they’re fried, there’s a lot of oil and fat and protein inside of them, and this creates bubbles that come to the surface where these squares are, and they pop,” the TikToker added.

“Don’t eat it,” the school said in response to the enraged mother’s email

Image credits: thatscrazy_64

“So, all of these little bubbles that you see right here are fat and protein,” he said.

He also had a word of advice for those with trypophobia and suggested that they could have grilled burgers to avoid being triggered when their meal arrives.

The picture of the burger patty served in the child’s school triggered mixed reactions from people online

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