Breakups hurt a lot, but we can still rise from the ashes like a phoenix. One of our readers shared a story that might inspire others going through the same thing. It took her heartbreak to realize she deserved way better.

I lived off of him.

We were dating for 2 years and a few months ago, we moved in together in another city. I lived in his apartment, he paid the rent, and I didn’t have to do anything. I wanted to work too, but he said there was no need to.

I was fine with that since his salary covered all our expenses, and I was just enjoying life. I was happy that life gave me such a man and I didn’t have to lift a finger.

He kicked me out.

His behavior started to change. He acted cold and distant. I found out he was cheating on me.

I caused a scene, he packed my bag and threw it out on the street. He called me ungrateful and said, «You’ll never succeed in life, it’s over.» I had nowhere to go, so I went into a café almost crying.

A man came up to me.

A man sat down at my table and asked me why I was so sad. I replied, «I want to be left alone».

He just looked at me and said, «Sometimes good things fall apart, so better things can come together.» He bought me a milkshake and wished me good luck. I was so moved I went to the restroom and cried a lot until I felt better.

I got myself together.

I found a job and rented a small room. I stopped depending on others and began making my own decisions. I started baking cakes and selling them.

Now, I’m self-employed, running my own little bakery with a small team of amazing professionals. I might not earn as much as my ex did and can’t afford all the luxuries I once had, at least I’m confident in myself and in my future.

I’m grateful.

If I’d decided to forgive him and stay in his house, I would have never really grown as a person. It’s sad that he wasn’t loyal to me, but I’m grateful that he kicked me out and made me never come back again.

I also still think about that man in the café. He was the one who gave me hope and motivation to live. I’ve never seen him again in my life, but I’ll always remember what he told me.

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