At the age of just 16, Kathy was forced to take responsibility for her family because her mother was ill and her father left her and her siblings and moved to Europe.

Still just a child, she found a job at the nearest hair salon where she did mundane tasks like sweeping and washing hair. However, it didn’t take long before this determined young lady started climbing the ladder and building a successful career as a renowned hairdresser.

One day, she met someone who seemed to belong to a completely different world, a law graduate from a wealthy family. They started dating, but it looked like he overlooked the the intelligence of her career demands.

Kathy did her best to achieve mutual respect while mingling the contrasting worlds the two belonged to.

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Stan, her boyfriend, would often crack some casual jokes about Kathy being a hairstylist and as much as she felt uncomfortable at those moments she tried to convince herself that Stan just wanted to be humorous around his friends. However, over time, these jokes, which became more and more frequent, started bothering her and felt like criticism.

Stan would often compare their educational choices, bragging about being a Yale graduate while she didn’t attend college. All this made their engagement weigh on her, especially when she would take a look at the diamond ring Stan proposed her with.

One evening, the couple attended dinner with some of Stan’s friends who discussed legal theories and case studies, topics far removed from Kathy’s daily experience, yet interesting to her.

In an effort to include her in the conversation, one of Stan’s friends asked Kathy something about an ongoing public issue, but just as she wanted to answer, Stan said, “Don’t bother asking her; she’s just a hairdresser. She doesn’t care about this kind of thing, right, honey?”

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Kathy’s world turned upside down.

She felt humiliated beyond words as a mix of forced chuckles and awkward silence filled the place.

Angry, but doing her best to hold her composure, Kathy said, “Okay, thanks, Stan, I’m so glad you made sure I didn’t embarrass you.” The rest of the night, she didn’t say a word as she was overflowed with mixed emotions.

The incident at the dinner made Kathy question her future with someone who saw her as less. She knew she needed to do something and prove her worth, not only to Stan, but to everyone in her life, and that’s when she came up with an idea.

Kathy contacted some of her clients, who were actors, business women, entrepreneurs, and public figures and asked from them to help her teach Stan a lesson he would never forget.

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The following day, Kathy called Stan and played it cool. It was obvious he was relieved because he though she forgave him about the incident with his friends. She asked him over that night and told him she was going to be with some friends.

When Stan arrived, he was stunned to see that many influential people at one place.

Kathy explained they were all her clients, and among them was Mrs. Williams, his boss.

“Honey, how do you know Mrs. Williams? She’s my boss. I have to introduce myself; this could be the chance for a promotion,” he suddenly said.

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Kathy put her arm around him and led him to the group of women, among which Stan’s boss. “Hello ladies, I’ve been eager to introduce you to my fiancé. Meet Stan. Please be gentle with him; he’s an assistant and tends to get a bit anxious around influential women, right, sweetheart?” she said sweetly.

Shocked and a bit terrified, Stan said, “No, no, I am a Yale Law graduate, I’ve worked in your firm for two years and am aiming to become a junior partner soon, and I—” he faltered as the women gave him an indulgent smile.

“How could you do this to me?” Stan snapped. “I looked like a fool, thanks to you, and felt so embarrassed.”

“Hurts, huh? I just showed you the same treatment you gave me at dinner with your friends. These people are my friends and listen to what I say,” Kathy told him with confidence.

He was very mad, but Kathy explained that what happened to him was just a mirror image of what she experienced during the diner with his friends.

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A couple of days later, Stan called Kathy to apologize, but she couldn’t get over the fact that someone she loved and planned to spend her life with thought so little of her for so long. She returned the engagement ring and told him that it would take time before they try to start anew.

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