Hello everyone, my name is Calvin, and I’m 29 years old. Today, I want to share an experience that might sound rather unusual but it certainly opened my eyes to some underlying issues in my relationship.

My girlfriend, Sarah, who is 27, invited me to her friend’s birthday dinner at a fancy downtown restaurant. I was looking forward to a pleasant evening, but it unexpectedly turned into a very uncomfortable and insightful event.

Sarah and I have experienced our fair share of ups and downs, particularly around the topic of finances and dating. Traditionally, I have taken on the responsibility of paying for most of our dates, which seemed appropriate and was mutually agreeable at the beginning of our relationship.

This arrangement even extended to times when Sarah invited friends along; I would happily cover everyone’s expenses. Although it started as a small gesture, it later became a significant point of contention.

The incident occurred last Friday when Sarah texted me about joining her for her friend’s birthday celebration at a posh restaurant. I agreed, dressed up, and joined the party, which was lively and enjoyable initially.


However, as the evening progressed, I noticed the orders were becoming extravagant. I whispered to myself about the impending high cost as our table filled with expensive wines and deluxe meals.

As the bill approached, I discreetly told Sarah that I would take care of our share, believing this to be a generous offer. Surprisingly, Sarah asked, “Aren’t you going to pay for everyone? It would be the gentlemanly thing to do.”

I was taken aback by her suggestion. The table was filled with more than ten women, most of whom I barely knew. Paying for everyone seemed unreasonable. I calmly suggested, “I think it’s only fair if I cover our portion.”

The atmosphere became tense. Sylvia, the birthday girl, noticing the awkwardness, graciously intervened. “It’s okay, Calvin,” she reassured me with a smile. “I’ll handle the rest.”

Despite Sylvia’s intervention, I paid for Sarah and myself, and Sylvia covered the remaining bill. The tension was palpable as we left, and the ride home was uncomfortably silent.

The silence eventually broke when Sarah exploded with anger over my decision. “You’re an embarrassment! You had to pay for everyone; you’re a MAN!” she exclaimed, clearly upset and disappointed.

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