Before Maisie married Daniel, he had solemnly told her that his previous wife, Laura, had passed away. However, one evening that was meant to be just another quiet night, Maisie stumbled upon something startling. She found Laura’s Facebook profile not just active but indicating she was currently online. This digital ghost was about to unravel the fabric of Maisie’s reality, leading her to a confrontation that might strip Daniel of everything he held dear.

The first encounter between Maisie and Daniel had occurred in the vibrant world of art galleries and exhibitions. Maisie, a budding artist, was new to the scene and unsure of how to navigate the complex dynamics of artistic display and networking. Daniel, the owner of a popular gallery that focused on emerging artists, introduced himself with a charm that Maisie found instantly captivating. “I’m Daniel,” he had said, extending a hand that Maisie took, feeling the first stirrings of a connection that would deeply influence her path.

Daniel was not just a gallery owner but a curator of potential. He had seen something in Maisie’s work that he believed could be great. After their initial meeting, where Maisie shared her artistic visions and concepts, Daniel had invited her out to dinner under the guise of discussing art. “Just so that we can talk more,” he had suggested, but by the end of the evening, it was clear there was more than professional interest brewing between them. “But I think your art will find a home here, at my gallery,” he assured her with a confidence that made her blush.


Their relationship progressed swiftly from professional acquaintances to romantic partners. Daniel organized an opening night for Maisie that marked her official debut in the art world. “It’s your debut into this world, Maisie,” he had said, his hand warm in hers. Looking down at her paint-stained sneakers, Maisie had wondered what he saw in her. Yet, when he looked at her, she felt seen—her art, her soul, her essence.

A year after their first meeting, Daniel proposed in the back room of his gallery amidst canvases and paintbrushes. “You’re everything I’ve ever wanted,” he declared as he knelt. “This is it, Maisie.” Overwhelmed and utterly in love, Maisie had agreed, dreaming of a future filled with art and love, traveling to museums around the world, and immersing themselves in the global art scene.

As their wedding approached, Daniel shared a painful piece of his past during a quiet evening. “Maisie,” he began, a serious note in his voice that immediately caught her attention, “I was married before; it wasn’t for long.” When prompted, he continued with a heavy sigh, “She died,” his gaze dropping to the floor. Moved by his apparent grief, Maisie reached out, touching his arm gently. “I’m so sorry,” she whispered, feeling his sorrow as her own.

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