When two people decide on an open marriage, they need to do it on terms they have discussed and both agreed on before they get involved with other people.

The story shared by a woman shows just how unfair her husband was to her because they both consented to an open marriage and he did date other people for quite some time, but when she decided to meet other partners he changed the rules.

The responses to her post were many. The woman received plenty of messages from people who shared their opinion on the matter and gave her advice on what to do next.

Some believed that her husband’s double standards were a reason enough for her to file for divorce because he obviously didn’t treat her with the respect she deserved and refused to be loyal although he was the one who asked from her to be in a normal marriage.

He saw the concept of an “open marriage” as an excuse to date other woman “officially” and without feeling guilty for it. Otherwise, he would have been fine with the fact that she also met someone she was happy to date.

Not only he didn’t respect her needs, but he also broke the promise he gave her about dating other women that he clearly continued seeing. Many agreed that he was unfaithful at this point.

Some advised her to prioritize her own needs and take the time to understand what is that she really wants and what makes her happy.
Not only this woman, but every woman out there needs to learn they deserve someone who would treat them with respect and honesty.
The least she could do is share her concerns with her closest family members and friends, and if that doesn’t help, she should consider seeking professional guidance or a marriage counselor, some readers suggested.

The truth is that every marriage is a rather complex union that seeks a lot of understanding and appreciation from both partners.

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