I’d wager everyone has an intrusive thought or two (or mayhaps an entire cyclone of them depending on the level of neurodivergence, but that’s beside the point). But that doesn’t mean you have to act upon them.

A great example of why not is this husband, who decided it would be a great idea to surprise his wife with a hand grab and shake combo whilst she’s holding a spoonful of cappuccino, forcing it to splat all over the place, including on the Mrs., and embarrass her.

Shaking someone might be appropriate if they’re asleep, but shouldn’t be. It’s not when they are holding something hot and can stain

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A husband thought it would be a good idea to shake the Mrs’ hand whilst she’s holding a spoonful of cappuccino. Spoiler: bad idea

“Oh My God, Are You Freaking Crying?”: Table Goes Silent After Man Splashes Wife With Coffee

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It probably wouldn’t have been half bad if not for the husband not being able to let it go and refusing to admit his childishness

A wife and mother of two was recently on a family night when the husband, thinking it would be funny, decided to make her spill some coffee on herself. After indulging in the intrusive thought, nobody but him laughed about it. That clearly upset the wife and even the kids thought it was uncool.

What made it worse is that the hubby couldn’t let it go. He got upset over her borderline crying about it and being upset over being embarrassed in public. He did try to explain how he can do it with the guys and stuff, but several back-and-forths happened since then with no positive results.

The story soon found its way onto Reddit—after the guy supposedly took the matter to his guy friends for perspective, and the Mrs. took it to the internet. Long story short, it was an NTA—not the jerk—from the community because he’s acting like a toddler and this was a “I’m not your bro. I’m your wife” moment. There was an update, but one that provided more context, not necessarily a resolution.

While each relationship is different, there are several universal truths that keep it afloat

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Yes, you can argue that a marriage can work just like your relationships with your bros would. However, it still has several universal concepts that you can’t help but need in order to make a relationship work. A big part of it is love, in many of its meanings—respect, dignity and friendship, among many others.

And, speaking of friendship, you might have likely heard of the saying to treat your spouse like a friend. True friendship isn’t really about drama and picking fights. It’s about creating a safe and peaceful place for ourselves.

We don’t expect friendship dynamics to have just one person with all the power. We don’t expect our friends to be at our side 24/7. We don’t try to force bonding with friends. We find it natural to support our friends through thick and thin. Nothing should realistically change once you enter a marriage.

With that said, shaking your SO’s full hand is not respect, dignity and friendship. So, reconcile and make it right.

Also, with that said, we’d love to hear your thoughts on any of this. Share your takes and stories in the comment section below. And if you’re not about that sharing lifestyle, why not a clicking one, like reading another similar story?

The author of the post provided more information as replies to people’s reactions

Across the board, folks online thought that the Mrs. was in the clear

The author of the post provided even more answers in a subsequent update

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