An optical illusion is a deceptive image that plays with your mind. It causes you to perceive things differently. There’s a classic one about a girl’s living room with a pretzel hidden within.

Find the Pretzel Hidden Inside the Girl’s Living Room Photo!

Take a look at this photo. The girl sits on the floor with her animals. There are picture frames on the wall, a sofa, a spilled vase, and a dish full of yarn.

Now for the challenge: uncover the hidden pretzel!

They claim that just 2% of individuals can recognize it. But don’t worry; we’ll assist you.

If you were unsuccessful in finding the pretzel, scroll down to see where it was hidden!

Did You Find the Hidden Pretzel in 7 Seconds?

The pretzel is skillfully placed into the wall above the couch on the left side.

Optical illusions are amusing brain games, however, if you want to know your IQ, you should take an IQ test. They offer you an indication of how intelligent you are.

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