While Photoshop may have initially been used by skilled professionals in the fashion world and advertising, its widespread accessibility has created a culture of edited reality where even the most respected figures are not spared. The latest victims of this phenomenon? The British royal family.

Recently, the internet has become a melting pot of conspiracy theories about the royal family. Their esteemed and often scrutinized public image, has found itself under the magnifying glass once again. From rumors of airbrushing to elaborate edits, every pixel of a royal photograph is now subjected to intense inspection.

The internet’s obsession with uncovering these edits reached a new wave when a series of seemingly edited images of royal figures began circulating online. These photos claimed to have undergone retouching to enhance appearances or erase perceived imperfections, sparked a wildfire of debate and speculation across various social media platforms.

Everything started when the Prince and Princess of Wales shared their 2023 Christmas card. Speculation ran uncontrolled across social media platforms, with detectives dissecting every pixel of the image in search of whether Prince Louis was missing a finger.

Between the frenzy, a source revealed that both Prince William and Kate Middleton were taken aback by the public’s reaction, expressing feelings of embarrassment over the assumption that the photo had been edited. The couple, known for their transparency and accessibility, found themselves at the center of an unexpected storm.

Back in 2015, speculation agitated around the royal family’s Christmas card, particularly focusing on Princess Charlotte’s presence in the photograph. Internet users pointed out signs of potential digital manipulation, notably the blurry edges around her head, a classic indicator of photoshopping. The suggestion that Princess Charlotte might have been edited into the picture sparked a flurry of discussion and debate online.

In April 2023, a portrait capturing late Queen Elizabeth II alongside her great-grandchildren stirred up speculation among keen-eyed observers, who were quick to question the authenticity of the image. The picture, showcasing a rare moment, prompted suspicions of potential digital manipulation. People believe that not all of the kids were in the same room as the Queen.

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