Others judged him to be a bad parent because of the tattoos on his face. His wife then made a startling admission that caught everyone off guard. Keep reading to learn more…

Self-expression is an essential part of being yourself. Tattoos are an excellent form of self-expression since they permit individuals to show their individuality through body modification.

Richard Huff, 51, uses his extensive tattoo collection as a form of artistic expression.

The tattoo fanatic and his wife are responsible for their five young children. His wife frequently shares photos of him and his children on social media, much to the chagrin of internet users everywhere.

Huff, who is 51 years old, wants the world to know that his clan is “no different” from any other. He has nevertheless come clean about the fact that strangers online frequently mock him for his physical characteristics.

He went over his background for us. I started with my legs and worked my way up because it became an addiction.” Huff explained.

He estimated that at this point, tattoos covered 85 percent of his body. His daughter’s lips and their names are among his tattoos.

Within the next four years, Richard hopes to have inked every inch of his body. As one observer described it, “I don’t know if it’s the pain or the artwork that you put on you, but it just becomes fascinating when you’re able to do this.”

He said there were challenges unique to getting so many tattoos. He was aware that the children at his children’s school viewed him with fear.

His daughter has commented, “They say, ‘ah it’s a bit scary’ and I say, ‘no, my dad is not scary, he is good with tattoos.’”

Richard’s wife, Marita, has come clean about her own fears of him. In retrospect, she said, “I did judge Richard based on his looks at first, but as I got to know him a little bit, he is actually a big-hearted person.”

Her husband’s undying love for her is a common theme in her blog postings. She always gushes over him, saying how wonderful he is as a husband and a parent.

Marita has let it slip that Richard is more to his three stepchildren than a real father.



If you ask Richard about his involvement in the neighborhood, he’ll tell you, “I participate in the PTA, I go to all my kids’ functions.”

Many people criticize him even though he has a well-earned reputation for being nice. There was a person who remarked, “I’m not against tattoos, but I mean honestly, does he really need tattoos on his face like that?” in reference to his facial tattoos.

The support for Richard, however, is not universal. The tattoo on his face is the topic of much conversation. He’s fond of it. As you can see, he understood. He’s a great parent. Give him space.

To this, Richard remarked, “If somebody can make negative comments like that, there’s something wrong with them themselves that they would have to judge somebody else.” We’re satisfied with what we did, by the way. We’ve been married for six years, and the happiness of our children is the only thing that matters to us.

Richard continues by saying he loves his family despite their hatred of him and his hatred of them. He explained that his kids wouldn’t be afraid of him getting tattoos and that he wouldn’t be a bad dad because of it.

When you see him without his tattoos, you could not recognize him as the same person.

It would appear that Richard Huff’s wife and children think the world of him.

The saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” certainly applies to him!

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