Sometimes as moms, we just have to let our kids do their thing and try to stay out of their way. Singer Pink recently shared the reason her 12-year-old daughter got a buzz cut, and a lot of moms are nodding their head in understanding. Pink is the type of mom who lets her kids express themselves however feels best to them, which many people applaud her for. She made it clear that she didn’t suggest that Willow should cut off all of her hair, but she did indirectly influence the tween’s decision. But it’s clear that both mother and daughter think the haircut was a solid choice.

Pink told her fans the whole story.

Willow made the decision to cut off her hair during Pink’s tour stops in New Zealand. During one of her shows, the singer told the audience the story of how the haircut came to be.

“I told her, I made the mistake of complimenting her beautiful long hair and so she shaved it off,” Pink shared in a video captured by a fan and shared on TikTok. “So contrary to popular belief, it was not my idea. I was living vicariously through my children that have hair.”

A lot of moms can relate.

“@P!NK showing us shes just human and a mother of a teen girl lol,” the poster captioned the video. People wasted no time showing their solidarity.

“Just remembering myself as a teen I probably would’ve done this too,” one commenter wrote.

“I this so great!! It’s just hair. So many parents freak out about their kids hair. Great job Pink!!” another person added.

Willow had cut her hair between tour stops.

Another concertgoer chimed in, saying “Oh ok, now we know coz I saw P!NK in Sydney at her first lot of concerts & Willow had long hair‼️”

The person who posted the video responded, sharing, “Yes lol everyone blamed Pink but it was her daughters idea.”

This is likely what prompted Pink to comment on Willow’s hair in the first place.

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Pink shared a photo of Willow’s new haircut on her Instagram.

Shortly after Willow’s haircut, Pink shared pictures of them together backstage after her show in Canberra, Australia, where they got to meet soccer player Lydia Williams. “Thank you @lydsaussie13 for presenting me and Willow with our very own @Matildas goalkeeper jerseys,” she captioned the post. “@mackenziearnold sorry you couldn’t join us, but we’ll be cheering you on this week!”

Everyone loves Willow’s new look.

“Nice ! I love that Willow has followed her own heart with shaving her hair . My daughter did it once too and she looked fabulous,” one comment read.

“Willow’s hair!! Beautiful,” another commented noted.

“Love Willow’s hair and her self-confidence. That comes from having supportive parents who validate their child’s worth,” someone else shared.

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