In a heartfelt conversation with “Good Morning America’s” Will Reeve, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, opened up about his father, King Charles’s recent cancer diagnosis. This marked Harry’s first public comments since the King disclosed his health battle to the world.

The news, first reported by People, revealed that King Charles had informed his close family members about his condition before making a public announcement on February 5. Upon hearing the news, Prince Harry immediately took a flight to the United Kingdom to be with his father. “I love my family. Being able to see my dad and spend time with him means a lot to me,” Harry expressed to Reeve.

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The nature of King Charles’s cancer remains undisclosed, as confirmed by the palace, which clarified it is not prostate cancer. Harry, respecting his father’s privacy, chose not to divulge any more details about the King’s health, saying, “That’s something between my dad and me.”

Harry’s recent visit to his father was brief, lasting about an hour, but he remains hopeful about returning soon. “I have other trips that will bring me back to the U.K., so I’ll visit my family as often as I can,” he shared.

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Interestingly, Harry sees a silver lining in this difficult situation, hoping that his father’s illness might bring their family closer together. It had been quite some time since the two had seen each other, with their last meeting dating back to the King’s coronation in May of the previous year.

As the royal family navigates through this challenging period, there is a poignant reminder in Harry’s words – sometimes, it’s the hardest moments that bring families back together. With hope and reconciliation in the air, many are wishing for the King’s speedy recovery and for healing within the family.

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